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Vladimir Drakula in the 18th Century

Vladimir Armâge in the 19th Century

Vladimir Armâge Present

(Amy du Prés Collins)

Full Name (Birth Name): Vladimir Răzvan Drakúla
Prior to late 19th century, Surname Changed: Armâge  
Nickname: Vlad/Richard Armâge
Custom Title: A Love Torchured Soul
Age: 237
Gender: Male
Social Status: A Vampire
Occupation: A servant to his father, a powerful lord.
Relationship Status: Married to Amy Collins

Appearance: Vlad is a tall, thin, well built sophisticated gentleman. He has long dark hair and pale blue like eyes. Along with his younger brother Syerren, Vlad is known to attract many women with his charm when he is present.      
Clothing Style: In present time, Vlad is usually found in semi-formal wear wearing dark coloured collar shirts and trousers with confortable laced leather shoes. When outside, he is found wearing a long black full length cloak.      
Height: 6'2.5"

Birthplace:Reşiţa, Romania
Date of Birth: 22nd August 1775
Date of Death: 22nd August 1795
Family: Vladimir’s family could not be more complicated. He was born out of wedlock from his mother, Anora Garnier who died after giving birth to his younger brother Syerren. The two were left to live with their father Lord Vladimir Vhon Dráküla, a powerful lord and noble at the time. Over Vlad and Syerren's youth, their father didn’t raise them well and paid little attention to them. The only desire the lord wanted was to raise his sons through the ways of the dark art and in time take his place as a dark lord following in rituals under a powerful leader. Vlad along with Syerren wanted nothing to do with it. Eventually Vlad manages to destroy his father and his ways after constant battles of survival and power.
History: Vladimir had a difficult history. In his youth, he was taught very little from monasteries but learned what for the few  years, until he could understand concepts. Later Vlad mainly taught himself reading and arithmetic. While learning he also taught his younger brother Syerren everything he could. Around age 10, his father exiled them both Vlad and Syerren from Romania to live as they choose; however they were told to return on there 20th birthday. Vlad and Syerren both being young worked together to survive getting any form of money they could. Eventually they managed to save up for a boat that brought them to Britain. Vlad had met friends there that made them citizens and eventually jobs. Being a son of a noble, Vlad around age 12, was recruited as an officer of British Navy and served 7 years. Around age 19 near late March, Vladimir had the chance to go to America for a short term. A specific trading was in a small town off the coast of Maine called Collinsport. Once arrived there, he met a young girl, Amy Collins and immediately fell in love. They only got to know each other for a few months when his shipped was docked. In late July He left America. Heartbroken for loosing his love, Vlad was pronounced lost at sea when his schooner collided with a storm. Vladimir did however survive when pickup by his father and bringing him back to Romania.  Time went on when August arrived bringing along his twentieth birthday. Upon this event, his father presented him with the gift of the supernatural A power of becoming living dead or a vampire for all eternity. After that time, Vlad hated the concept, everything that his father put him through and swore one day vengence on him. Throughout this life wanted nothing more than to return to his love in America. Eventually after of hearing this, his father who never wanted him to love a mere mortal, puts a horrid curse on both his lover and himself, never again seeing each other. Up to this point, Vladimir continues strolling the nights as the living dead; seeking revenge for what his father had done to him and one day returning to his love.  

Personality: Vladimir is a kind, thoughtful yet troubled individual with a dark past. Only wanting happiness and peace for those close to him and seeking revenge for those who choose to destroy it.  
Likes: Vladimir enjoys reading, taking walks and being near his true love Amy.
Dislikes: His Father in general and his ways of controlling him and his brothers life.  
Overall Flaws: his temper
Ideal Weapon: A dark uncontrollable power
RPG Sample: It was a dark cold night. Vladimir found his way around the woods searching for clues to his love. He has asked around wondering where the girl named Amy lives. He eventually ran into his brother Syerren who just recently talked with a woman they met previously named Maggie. “Did you find out anything?” Syerren smiled, “Yes I recently found out that she is living in Collinwood on the estates where her family originated. “I see, Vlad said sounding hopeful.”
“What do you plan to do brother?” Syerren said with interest. Vlad turned to him, “We must find her.” At that point, Vlad disappeared into the night to continue the search.

Hours have passed, Vlad flew down to the ground tired and about to find Syerren. Before he summon his brother, he looked ahead of him he saw what looked like a house that a centuries old he thought it looked familiar. He went closer and in the shadows and glanced through the window to see if anyone was present. When luck would have it, he saw the girl he was looking for, however much older than he remembered but all the same it was her. Vlad smiled and turned, taking a deep breath and looking up while leaning on the outside wall of the house. "My Amy, oh how I missed you." He was relieved to see his love alive again. He took another look through the window. His smile quickly vanished when he saw her with an older gentleman. Thinking about it, he knew that it was Barnabas Collins her Father.

A moment has passed and the entrance door to the house opened. A sophisticated woman stepped out. Fear of being seen by here, he did his best to hide in the shadows. A second later another younger man stepped out and shouted, “Julia, you forgot the documents!” Vlad glared at the stranger with disgust. While the woman walked back in the house to get the documents, Vlad tried to make his way to get a better view. Brushing his cloak on a branch that snapped, he stopped hoping no one heard.

"I would rather spend one life time with you then go on having to face all the ages of this world alone. "
Vladimir Armâge
Possessed By Quentin
Possessed By Quentin

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