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Post  Reginald Collins Armâge on 27th December 2010, 02:39

(Amy Collins Armâge)

Full Name: Reginald Collins Armâge
Nickname: Reg
Custom Title: Collinsport’s Wandering Soul
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Social Status: Partial Vampire
Occupation: Intern Businessman
Relationship Status: Married to Lauryn Osbourne

Appearance: Reg is a tall well built individual, having curly black hair that tends to get in the way along with brown eyes. Although he accepts his appearance he feels there isn’t enough time in the world for him to care what others think.
Clothing Style: Clothing style consists mainly of simple plaid or color shirts and jeans depending upon the weather while formal ware upon family events.
Height: 5'.11"

Birthplace: Collinsport, Maine
Date of Birth: 3rd November 1970
Date of Death: 25 September 1994
Family: From what he was told by individuals close to him, his family Richard and Amy Armâge were his parents along with his uncle Dylan tragically died of a car accident when he was only five. Having little family except in Collinwood with cousins his family mainly consisted of Ange Blair and Simon Smith raising him to his family’s name teaching the ways of the Collins Business.

History: Born in Collinsport, Reg was brought up by his loving immortal parents Amy and Vladimir Armâge. Along with raising him, his loyal uncle Syerren and cousin Cecillia helped with his every step. As the coming day came that town was suspecting his family and questioning there actual existence and subsequently the 200th year of Vladimir and Syerren's birth, they set the fault that his family died of a car accident never more revealing what truth was behind his family. As he continues now to live with Cecillia and Simon Smith and his family, being dedicated friends of the family for many years. Bring home schooled with his cousins, Reg learned the ways following the business of Collins family having limited interest instead more so with the history. Growing up parentless Reg in present day felt alone with little guidance except from Ange who he stayed by mostly while taking to his normal ways making friends and staying close to them all the while traces of his parents and family appear.  

In later time, Reginald found true love when he signed up tutoring session with Lauryn Osbourne.  Learning she lived in Collinsport, the two grew fond of each other and soon got married. As time progressed living together happily and having a son named, Michael, Reg found life to be perfect in every way. Nearing the summer 1993, mysterious outbreaks have started, leaving him with questions of the supernatural world. In this he at last learned his family was alive and well in London along with their cursed fate.  Desiring in being with them again, it was set up and at last Reginald was reunited with his family as the Armâge name returned to Collinsport.

Personality: Reg is known to be outgoing with those he trust the most and cares for. He is kind and humorous around family and friends getting into trouble when possible yet a good kid in heart.
Likes: Reg likes being social talking with friends and enjoys discovering new ideas that brought to his like in history.
Dislikes: Reg doesn’t care for those that treat him or his family poorly. Though being teased of having no parents, he doesn’t let it bother him knowing he would serve well in the Collins Foundation.
Overall Flaws: Lack of discipline.
Ideal Weapon: His boldness
RPG Sample:
The sun shown high on the populated streets of Collinsport; being now the winter of a new finishing decade, the town thrived on the industry in shipping more then ever. Deep in downtown of the town, Reginald Collins Armâge, born and raised in Collinsport Maine by an Amy and Vladimir Armâge along with his uncle Syerren and dear cousin Cecillia whom he only knew since he was ten when they all met with a tragic car accident, laid now alone being graciously raised by his family’s closest friends Ange and Simon. Reg, now 19, wandered indirectly to the coffee shop after helping Ange with chores at the Old House. Looking around at the familiar setting, he grinned seeing Stephan Haskell and his younger sister, Stephanie. Being friends in their youth then going their separate ways. Nodding to the boy after ordering a cold drink, he sighed glancing at the window. “So how was your two Christmas, Stephan?” he smirked leaning back in the chair, “No doubt your parents got you everything your hearts content?”

"Life feels complete now; although we continue to live our normal lives, in times, we aren't
that normal. I love it!"
Reginald Collins Armâge
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Leviathan Attack

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