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(Amy Collins Armâge)

Full Name: Ange Miranda Blair
Nickname: Ange
Custom Title: A Helpful Witch of Collinsport
Age: 230
Gender: Female
Social Status: Good Noble Witch
Occupation: Helpful friend
Relationship Status: Complicated

Appearance: Ange is a medium height thin woman with long blonde hair and captivating pale eyes while fitting the fashion of the era
Clothing Style: Ange’s usual style of clothing contrives of short dress to jeans either with stockings or leggings with comfortable heeled shoes.  
Height: 5’5 ½”    

Birthplace: Saint-Pierre, Martinique
Date of Birth: 5th February 1780
Date of Immortality: 23rd October 1793
Family: Ange was raised slowly by her mother the malevolence Angélique Bouchard being young before her days of witchcraft tending to the sick in Trinité then following on with her to the du Prés household. From the clues when she was older, Ange found out that her mother was seduced by a Bakor later to become in the present Nicholas Blair.
History: Born and raised in Saint-Pierre, Ange lived lonely life following in her mother’s footsteps of nurturing the sick of all who came to visit. Though the times of slavery, she always considered herself one, knowing she had blood of a slave in her. As her mother was briskly taken then sold to the du Pres family. Ange made it her soul mission when she was older to find her. In the process, she too came across her father the Bakor, and was too damned for eternity being told he would be with her mother again.

Now control with unrealistic power, Ange did everything she could to ignore it and carry on life as normal allowing herself to grow older. Making her way near the capitol of Martinque, Ange reluctantly found clues from a dear friend who was a freed slave name Cesaire, of who at one point helped her mother escape Martinique and get a job as a maid. Helping her for a few years then finding a workman boat that travelled to America, Ange made it to Maine in hopes of finding her mother. Given the last name of Collins as a clue, she reluctantly after travelling managed to get to a small town of Collinsport where she was told to be working. Being instantly accepted then amazed by the family that she was much like her mother, Ange resided by in assisting her mother’s mistress’s only daughter, Amy Collins. Helping her through trials of deaths that she soon learned that her mother was responsible, Ange new she must flee for she would be tried as a witch if caught. Soon later as the trials died she in secret with her powers on her side remain loyal to Amy through her hard times of immortality up until Amy’s death just before then placing a extraordinary complicated spell learning it only through a book having Amy young dead life awaken in a new time two centuries later.

Knowing there was nothing more of her life in Collinsport, Ange moved to England where she spent centuries helping the sick in secret as well as falling in love with relationships falling to pieces. To the present day she continues to look after those she loves and dreads the day that if her mother or father were to return that she and her loved ones would be ready to face the wrath.      

Personality: A kind quiet, strong willed individual, Ange is helpful and wise to those she loves.
Likes: Her friends
Dislikes: Fatalities that are out to destroy her help
Overall Flaws: weakness against the dark arts
Ideal Weapon: spells and minor powers
RPG Sample: Ange Blair was a young charming woman with a complicated past. Being the daughter of the Angélique Bouchard known in Collinsport’s past as a devious witch who caused much torment in lives, she strikes a close resemblance to here yet possessed none of her hatred and jealousy towards the family; instead she serves in helping those closest to her when possible.

Getting off the coach of the train, grinning at the sight of being back in Collinsport, Ange, gathered what little material she brought with her travelled quickly through the streets knowing she wanted to give Amy a surprise by her visit. Knowing she hasn’t seen her since she left London, Ange walked along the familiar path having not been here for centuries yet it seemed hardly anything had changed. Huddling up in her long coat, Ange placed her hood over her remembering Maine’s cold winters. Turning her head, her heart sank as she saw the ever familiar Old House where her mother, her, the Collins lived. Bringing back memories from her past, sighed knowing Amy was living there after countless letters from her. Approaching it slowly she heard something behind her. Turning around she smiled slightly startled by the girl with the infant. “Hello there…” she smiled, “I was just on my way towards the ancestral home of the Collins to meet Amy Coll…” she stopped remembering she was married now, “Amy Armâge. Turning towards the Old House, Ange I was… told she lived here.” Looking down at the infant she continued, “I'm Ange by the way…Ange Blair an old friend of hers.”

"Some things you see with your eyes; others, you see with your heart."
Ange Blair
Cursed By Patofi's Hand
Cursed By Patofi's Hand

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