PART 13: Starting to Show (Carolyn/Kathryn)

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PART 13: Starting to Show (Carolyn/Kathryn)

Post  Carolyn Stoddard on 9th January 2010, 18:37

Carolyn had just arrived in town, hoping to get a little shopping down for the day. Since Harry had Mrs. Johnson's car, she had asked Carolyn to pick up a few items for her, and Carolyn gladly accepted. She also needed to return a book to the library for her cousin Cecillia as well as leisurely look for something else for her to read. Parking her car, Carolyn decided to get out and do a little window shopping first, not having done such for a few weeks.

As she neared the antique shop where Kathryn worked, Carolyn happened to notice Kathryn stepping out of her vehicle. With a smile on her face, Carolyn quickly walked down the sidewalk to catch up to the woman, as she wanted to question her about how Harry Johnson was going to work out in her shop, as well as pass on a message from Cecillia.

"Kathryn," Carolyn yelled, just as she was about to enter the door of the antique shop.

"I won't give up, if you don't give up ♥️"
Carolyn Stoddard
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Cursed By Patofi's Hand

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