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Rick Stanford

Post  Rick Stanford on 7th June 2014, 00:59

Alias: Cecillia Collins Smith (ie: Cecillia White, LPN)
Age: 22
How did you find us: As I do believe, you found me....  Wink 
Extra Facts: I'm a nurse, work in LTC - Love what I do - Love where I am in life - Looking to move into a new house - I like to sew - I have many collections - Hugh Jackman & John Cusack are my fav male celebs
Contact: msg me for details

Full Name: Rick Kennith Stanford
Nickname: Ricky
Custom Title: Rick the d-..delightful
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Social Status: Mortal as can be, yes sir-y
Occupation: Business is business
Relationship Status: Looking

Portrayed By: John Cusack
Appearance: Tall, dark and handsome . . . or at least tall.  Brown hair (short), brown eyes, clean shave, medium muscular build, otherwise slim physique
Clothing Style: Jeans or dress slacks; button ups or polo shirts - depends on the time, place, and weather.
Height: 6'2

Birthplace: Baltimore, Maryland
Date of Birth: June 28, 1940
Family: Parents - Jeff & Mary Stanford (alive and living in Baltimore).  Siblings - Katherine Yates (San Francisco), Tyler Stanford (Baltimore), Julian Stanford (Cleveland)
History: Born into an upper-middle class family, Rick was the second oldest, with two younger brothers and one old sister.  Rick spent his free time either playing with his siblings, or going hunting with his father - when his father wasn't busy with work as a Realtor.  Rick's mother, a stay at home wife and mom, provided a nurturing environment for Rick to grow up in, which aided in his future personality.  Rick got into business after taking a field-trip to a grand Baltimore estate and realizing he wanted something like this out of life - or so he thought.

Personality: calm, ambiguous, fun
Likes: women
Dislikes: the thought of eventual commitment
Overall Flaws: that's open to interpretation
Ideal Weapon: hunting rifle - of sorts
RPG Sample: (to come)

"A lot of people are not meant to be together."
Rick Stanford
Arrived By Train
Arrived By Train

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