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Cassandra Yeats

Post  Cassandra Yeats on 26th March 2017, 20:20

Cecillia Collins Smith

Full Name: Cassandra Julie Yeats
Nickname: Cassie
Custom Title: Mom of many trades
Age: 42
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
Social Status: Human
Occupation: Between jobs. Has experience in cooking, maid services, secretarial jobs
Relationship Status: Single- Divorced

Portrayed By: Teri Polo
Appearance: Medium height, slim build, blond hair, blue eyes
Clothing Style: Depends
Height: 5'5

Birthplace: Bellevue, Washington
Date of Birth: 6/1/1950
Family: One daughter, Ex-husband, estranged parents, one sister
History: I'm a 42 year old mom to one. I used to live a very idealistic life with a man whom I thought I loved, but that all changed some time after my daughter Kylie was born. Since then, I have been a single mom who has bounced from job to job trying to keep a stable home life while my daughter blossoms into the beautiful woman I know she can be.

Personality: Smart, fun, optimistic
Likes: Women, spending time with her daughter
Dislikes: set backs
Overall Flaws: Staying in one place
Ideal Weapon: her hands
RPG Sample:
Cassandra wrote:“I don’t know, baby. But I just really need for this job to work out this time,” Cassandra said, pulling on the black lace top that she had questioned about earlier. “We have your college tuition to worry about now, and if this works out then I think we’ll have enough left over to maybe rent something small.”

“Yeah, well hey, if it doesn’t, then don’t worry about school this year. I mean, it’s not going to kill me to just take a year off or just not go at all.”

“Oh nonsense,” Cassandra exclaimed, running into the bathroom and quickly throwing on a little makeup. “No daughter of mine is going to simply just not go to college! Plus,” she continued, coming back into the room, “I know this will work out for us this time. I just have a feeling,” she said, kissing Kylie on the forehead. “From the sound of the ad in the newspaper, they seem extremely short handed with staff, and I’m sure that all of my culinary experience from back in my younger years will be a plus.”
Cassandra Yeats
Arrived By Train
Arrived By Train

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