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Cecillia Leigh Stoddard

Post  Cecillia Leigh Stoddard on 16th August 2010, 12:40

Alias: Cecillia Leigh
Age: 18
How did you find us: du Prés Wink
Extra Facts: JCHS c/o 2014 grin
Contact: PM

Full Name: Cecillia Leigh Stoddard
Nickname: Cill
Custom Title: Spoiled Daughter - Envious Sister
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Social Status: Very Much Alive Smile
Occupation: Following in the footsteps of ancestors.
Relationship Status: In a Relationship with . . . Ashton Sinclair ♥️

Portrayed By: Cecillia Leigh
Appearance: Dark Brown shoulder length (usually straight) hair, Brown eyes, and short in a way. Wears either glasses or contacts on a good day.
Clothing Style: One would like to say whatever is in style at the time.
Height: 5'2"

Birthplace: Collinsport, Maine
Date of Birth: February 6, 1952 (OR 1992 RL)
Family: mother- Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, father- Roger Stoddard, sister- Amy Marie Stoddard, and related to all Collins living or dead.
History: Born on a snowy day in February, Cecillia grew up with a sister 3 years older than her. Having an older sibling, she had the advantages of getting lost in mindless games and adventures, sometimes resulting in trouble. Growing up in the big mansion of Collinwood had its advantages and disadvantages, but served her well as a nurturing, loving place to live. As her sister got too old for their games any more, Cecillia was left to find ways to occupy herself, which was often quiet things like reading or walking, or going into town with her mother to shop. She now spends her time floating somewhere in-between being a teen and adult, trying to figure out what life has in store for her.

Personality: Playful, somewhat Self Centered, Joking, easily Upset, Talkative
Likes: Having some there to interact with, spending too much money, and of course, Ashton Sinclair!
Dislikes: Feeling envious and when life seems to have "other plans".
Overall Flaws: Too quick to doubt.
Ideal Weapon: Brains or Money, whichever is more appropriate.
RPG Sample:
It was early August as Cecillia Leigh Stoddard, the youngest daughter to Roger and Elizabeth Collins Stoddard, found herself frantically searching her closet over and over for a particular dress she had only just seen a couple days ago. There was to be a grand party at Collinwood in only a few hours, and without the dress she would never be properly suited for such an extravagant, rich event. Pushing her hair back and standing back from the closet, she grew frustrated, slamming the door shut. "I'll kill her," she screamed under her breath, making her way quickly out of her room and down the hall to her sister Amy's room. "Open up Amy," Cecillia shouted, banging on the door. "I don't care what you look like just open the door now!"

But when you come and I am filled with wonder, Sometimes, I think I glimpse eternity.
Cecillia Leigh Stoddard
Condemned For Witchcraft
Condemned For Witchcraft

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