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Jesse Collins

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Alias: Cecillia Collins
Age: 18
How did you find us: Accidentally invited by Amy du Pres Collins.
Extra Facts: HS Graduate. JCHS c/o 2014.
Contact: PM

Full Name:
Jesse Collins
Nickname: Jess
Custom Title: Long Lost Relative
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Social Status: Mortal
Occupation: Part-Time Student
Relationship Status: Not Looking

Portrayed By: Cecillia
Appearance: Average height and size. Dark brown, nicely groomed, short hair, blue eyes, and fair/slightly tanned skin.
Clothing Style: Tasteful plain t-shirts, polo’s, or sweaters along with clean jeans or dressy slacks. Basically the same attire that the average 20 –going on 21- year old boy would wear.
Height: 5'8”

Concord, NH
Date of Birth: July 23, 1949 (1989 IRL)
Family: Frank & Kathryn Hobbs … Later finds out that he is related to the Collins family in Collinwood and that he has one living relative left; a sister he never knew, Cecillia Collins.
Jesse was born on July 23, 1949 to Michael and Lisa Collins: the two parents whom he would never know or meet. Switched at birth, Jesse’s counterpart was sent home to the Collins’ and would later die in early infancy. Jesse, however, went into the loving home of Frank & Kathryn Hobbs, taking the name Jesse Patrick Hobbs.

The Hobbs nor the Collins never knew of the switch, that is until Jesse underwent routine blood work with both of his parents, and discovered they were not a match. Surprised by this, Jesse began to trace back his roots with the help of anyone or anything which could provide assistance. After a few months of deep research, it was then that Jesse found out he was actually Jesse Collins, not Jesse Hobbs, and that his parents, as well as any other immediate blood relative, was dead or not on file, except for one: a sister, Cecillia Collins.

The Hobbs, at first, couldn’t accept the truth as it was, denying the request to go and find his sister, perhaps even live a while at Collinwood for a while. But eventually, since they were so very fond of the son whom was never technically their son at all, they agreed, as it was the right thing to do, knowing that if Jesse had a sister out there somewhere, that she and he had every right to know each other.

On his own and without any of the Collins family knowing of his existence, Jesse could only bring along what information he gathered in his research, his smile on his face, and the faith that everyone would believe the insane story which he was about to tell.

Cheerful, intelligent, with respect for others and himself.
Likes: Spending time with the ones he loves, making others smile, and talking . . . a lot.
Dislikes: Roadblocks in his path to a better future.
Overall Flaws: Discovering that at the age of 20, he was mixed up at birth and in fact his real parents are dead, and he has a living sister whom he never knew.
Ideal Weapon:
RPG Sample:

As he boarded the train to Collinsport, Jesse sat beside a window seat and stared out at the cloudy skies. It had seemed like as long as he had known of this alternate identity, and family he had never known of, all days had been so grey and gloomy. Jesse looked down at the papers in his hand once again, hoping that they were easy enough to use as proof for what all he had to say. He was sure it wouldn’t be the simplest thing in the world to convince someone he was their own brother, but he hoped that everything would go well in the end. With a sigh, he sat back as the train began to take off; next stop, a new life.

Arriving hours later in Collinsport, Jesse exited the train into the darkening evening. It had been a long train ride and although he wanted nothing more than to find a room somewhere to rest, he wanted to meet his long lost family member even more. Going into the Collinsport Inn, he called for a cab which could take him to Collinwood. Waiting silently for it in the diner, he glanced around at the customers as each one started leaving for the night. Figuring he too should leave, Jesse grabbed his belongings and headed outside to wait for the cab. Being stopped by the waitress, he smiled at her, the answered her question of not needing anything.

As soon as Jesse stepped outside and started to sit down to wait, the cab pulled up. Grinning, he shoved his belongings into the back seat, then scooted in beside them. "To Collinwood sir," he said, then gazed out the window at the oncoming darkness as to not see the peculiar stares he was receiving. "Here you are," the man said, stopping at the end of the drive. "Just a short walk up there . . . " "Thanks," Jesse replied, tossing the money at him, then leaving the cab and heading up to the great estate. Arriving at the large wooden doors, a chill came over him, no longer knowing what to say or even if his proof would hold its ground when it came to people who lived in an estate so rich as this. With a prolonged sigh, he brought his hand to the door, then with hesitation, knocked.

Jesse Collins
Condemned For Witchcraft
Condemned For Witchcraft

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