Peace For Molly (Sam/Molly's ghost)

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Peace For Molly (Sam/Molly's ghost)

Post  Sam Evans on 30th August 2009, 00:20

About a month later, Sam walked into the cottage and smelled a perfume he knew wasn't his daughters. He looked over in the corner where his paintings were and saw Molly. She was smiling, waved goodbye to him and faded away. He saw a paper on the table and went to look. There was a sketch of a mother holding an infant and also a fresh red rose.

Sam poured himself a drink, lit his pipe and thought over the last few weeks. He'd gone to the court house and with the letters had gotten the official records changed for Molly Devlin to be listed as a natural death. It was better than as a suicide and they thought that if Trask had to encounter Quentin's ghost on the other side, that was punishment enough.

Carolyn had easily gotten her mother to agree to move the coffin for burial in the Collins family section of the cemetery. They got a new, small headstone and added "and infant" to it. A minister came and performed a small ceremony that the four of them, plus Elizabeth Stoddard attended. The caretaker looked on.

Sam, Joe, Maggie and Carolyn had never spoken of their night at Eagle Hill again or the séance either, but sometimes they'd mention Molly as though she were an old friend. It was a perfect resolution.

I just hope that Quentin doesn't have any more jobs for us, he thought.

~end scene~
Sam Evans
Condemned For Witchcraft
Condemned For Witchcraft

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