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Ryan Cooper

Post  Ryan Cooper on 20th February 2010, 22:27

Cecillia Collins
Age: 18
How did you find us: Accidentally invited by Amy du Pres Collins.
Extra Facts: Fallen in love with writing (Thanks to those who helped with that!). Graduating h/s June 2010!! Going to JCHS Fall 2010 (c/o 2014!)
Contact: PM main account (Cecillia Collins)

Full Name:
Ryan Cooper
Nickname: -None-
Custom Title: The Charmer
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Social Status: Mortal
Occupation: Student/Athlete
Relationship Status: In and Out of Plenty

Portrayed By: Cecillia
Appearance: Tall, Brown Hair, Brown Eyes
Clothing Style: Dressy Casual
Height: 5'11"

Cleveland, Ohio
]Date of Birth: February 6, 1948 (or 1990 if we are talking RL)
Family: Mother, Father, 2 Sisters
History:Grew up in a town in Ohio. Played sports since a very young child. Ryan's family moved to Collinsport, Maine after his father got a new job as a contractor in the area.

Competitive, Charming
Likes: Sports, Music, Girls
Dislikes: Being turned away. Loosing games (sports).
Overall Flaws: Gets a little too close sometimes. Very Competitive
Ideal Weapon: Strength

RPG Sample:

Ryan and his family had just arrived in town two days ago, and having finally unpacked all of his belongings, he left the chaos at home and decided to go out for a walk. Ryan switched from walking the city street to walking through the park, having seen two girls walk through whom he wanted to get a closer look at, deciding that playing the new boy charm would be perfect.

Approaching the two, he passed them a smile, then looked off in a different direction. Out of the corner of his eyes, he could see one of them staring at him nonstop, but the one whom he was interested in seemed to not even pass him a glance.

“Afternoon,” he finally said, turning back to the two women. “I’m Ryan . . . my family has just moved her to … Collinsport is it? Just wondering what people do for fun around here,” he questioned, caring less about the answer. Seeing that there was a small spot on the bench left open beside of Amy, he, without asking, went and sat down on it.

Ryan Cooper
Cursed By Patofi's Hand
Cursed By Patofi's Hand

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