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Kennith Whiting

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Alias: Cecillia (Cill)
Age: might as well go with 18 this go around Smile
How did you find us: Amy
Extra Facts: Live in VA. High School Senior (c/o 2010).... JCHS - Fall 2010 (c/o 2014) Smile
Contact: PM main account (Cecillia Collins)

Full Name: Kennith Whiting
Nickname: Ken
Custom Title: Deceitful Warlock
Age: (314) - But looks to be 35
Gender: Male
Social Status: Warlock
Occupation: Black Magic - Warlock
Relationship Status: Difficult to Say

Portrayed By: Cecillia
Appearance: Blond Hair, Green Eyes, Tall
Clothing Style: Well dressed in suits
Height: 6'2"

Birthplace: -somewhere in- England
Date of Birth: March 11, 1695
Family: Unknown
History: Kennith was raised by a gentleman of the black arts, but he wasn't Kennith's actual father. Kennith never knew his own parents, and only have recollections of being raised in the environment which he would later call his life. He, at a very young age, was shown the way of eternal life. He then spent many years perfecting his abilities, until setting out on his own around the late 1720s. Kennith met and fell in love with many women in his lifetime, but have only ever sentenced two of them to an eternal life such as his own; such feats, he is ever proud of. Over the centuries, he often presented himself in different areas and countries where he seduced women he fancied, sometimes going as far as engagement but never once to marriage. He briefly and unknowingly ran into one of his previous loves whom he sentenced, but before catching her, she once again got away from him. Kennith has since, spent his many years on Earth enjoying his own form of entertainment, while tracking down and inevitably marrying the one whom he turned down so very long ago. If for nothing else, Kennith has made a promise with one more darker than he, that by the year 1970, he would be married; or else.

Personality: Romantic Charm, but overall deceitful ways
Likes: To sit back and watch his scheming ways fall into place
Dislikes: Competition
Overall Flaws: Letting Mildred Attenburgh get away from him long ago.
Ideal Weapon: Black Magic
RPG Sample:
Getting the feeling that what he was seeking could be found in a small town called Collinsport, Maine, Kennith starred out into the ocean as he stood aboard a ship which was carrying him from his past to his future. He needed the additional alibi, or else wouldn't have bothered paying for a ship to carry him across the water. A group of children ran, laughing behind him, and as he turned to look, saw that a young woman, probably their mother, was walking at a slow pace behind them. He smiled in her direction, causing her to do the same while pushing her hair back. Just as he got ready to go up to her with some story, a gentleman came up behind her, placing his arm around her. Kennith starred, dumb struck that he'd not realized the ring upon her finger.

Turning back towards the sea, he looked off into the distance, feeling his urges for finding a new lover growing more great. He'd made such a promise that he couldn't stand to bare the thought that time was running out. Up ahead, land started to show in the distance, alerting that his journal to the future was now the presence, and turning, he made his way back to his cabin to gather his belongings.

Kennith Whiting
Cursed By Patofi's Hand
Cursed By Patofi's Hand

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