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Post  Cecillia Collins Smith on 28th January 2010, 20:35

The Minisodes:

Originally planned to consist of just the theme of “Remember When”, which was the very first scene created in the entire set. From that scene, the ideas of garden scenes, beach scenes, and then later, actual multipart stories errupted.

Trial and error, along with the pooling of many ideas, led to almost 5 sucessful months in the Minisodes, despite the bumps in the road here and there. During such time, they were carefully arranged and saw for something to be proud of.

The adventures which started out as just Carolyn and Elizabeth Stoddard, transformed into a collaboration of multiple characters, including the writers’ main characters behind the entire minisode. What started as something so unknown, turned into something which asked for more.

Although the Minisodes ended mid January 2010, they are still something to be proud of, if for nothing else, then the fact that they brought with them even just a moment of joy.


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