DS RPG (OC) Character List

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DS RPG (OC) Character List

Post  Amy Collins Armâge on 23rd January 2010, 12:49

Since we have acquired a lot of new Original Characters for our RPG, I present a complete list of the OC characters and their writers.

Amy Collins Armâge
-Amy Collins Armâge                                                    
-Vladimir Armâge                
-Syerren Armâge
-Lord Vladimir Drakúla
-Esméralda Fauré
-Marian Lockavik
-Isabella Farqua
-David Burns
-Nora Haskell
-Ange Blair
-Justine Isabella

Reginald Collins Armâge
Luigi Osbourne
Noel Osbourne

Cecillia Collins Smith
-Cecillia Collins Smith                                                                  
-Sarah Patterson                                                      
-Skyler Haskell                                                        
-Mildred Attenburgh                                                
-Alexander Crawford                                                  
-James Emerson
-Kennith Whiting
-Ryan Cooper
-Lindsey Marshall
-Bradley Howell
-Jesse Collins
-Dr. Morgan Delgado
-Tyler Delgado
-Zachary Haskell
-Michael Collins
-Simon Smith
-Jeff Ison
-Molly Phillips
-Ashton Sinclair
-Brighton Weymouth

Trevor Lyosen Smith
Lauryn Ashleigh Osbourne
Stephan Haskell
Stephanie Haskell

*Please Note that any one is welcome to develop OC characters of their choice. Just let us know ahead of time.
Also when the writers have time and you haven't already done so, please fill out a Profile for their character , so the readers may know more about them.



PS: If I have missed anyone or there is a conflict please post here or let me know via PM..

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