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Reginald and Lauryn stood outside on their balcony from the guest bedroom at the Old House. Leaning closer to Reginald as he wrapped his arms around her, Lauryn then looked up to him, pushing his hair out of his face. “Do you ever think it to be strange how your uncle has lived with your mother and father all of these years instead of moving out on his own? I mean, at least if he wanted to co-inhabit a house like they do with the Smith’s, do you at least think it strange that he has never found a woman to be with all this time?”

“Who’s to say he hasn’t?” Reginald questioned, rolling his eyes. “I still feel like I hardly know anything about him or my parents, especially after learning what we have now. Who am I to assume that after all this time he hasn’t found himself a mate, but perhaps moved on from her?”

Looking out into the night, Lauryn shook her head. “No. I think the real reason he is still alone is that he isn’t into women actually, but hasn’t admitted it to anyone.”

“What?!” Reginald laughed, letting go of Lauryn as she spun around to face him.

“Yeah, I mean just think about it. He comes from a day in age where anything from the norm was very taboo. He has watched his brother and his friends fall in love and get married and has been pressured into thinking that that’s how he is supposed to live his life; but what if that isn’t how he wishes to do so. What if deep inside he really just has a thing for some sexy fireman or something?” Lauryn joked. “Nice abs, sexy smooth skin,” she said, running her hands down Reg’s body. “I’d be right there with him in line to watch that show,” she then laughed.

Shaking his head, Reginald leaned on the railing. “Mrs Armâge, I think you’re full of shit on this idea,” he smirked, glancing at her.

“Yeah? Well, I bet you that I am right.” She said, leaning on the railing as well. “I bet you that I can go downstairs to where ever he is right now, grab his ass and kiss him square on the lips, and he won’t even get turned on in slightest.”

“How about you can grab my ass and kiss me, and we’ll just say you’re right even though I know you’re wrong,” Reginald then said, turning and wrapping his arms around her. “I don’t want you going and kissing my uncle. I’d hate to have to have a duel for you like my ancestors when he decides that you’re too good of a woman to let go.”

“Yeah, it sounds like you’re just being chicken because you know I’m right!” Lauryn said, quickly kissing Reginald, then ducking out of his hold on her and springing back into the room. “Come on. Come with me right now and we’ll just see who is right.”

“Not a chance,” Reginald said, crossing his arms and remaining firm on the balcony.

“Well, I guess you won’t be getting lucky tonight then. Too bad,” she said, walking towards the bed and pulling down her pants a little to expose a pair of black lacy underwear.. “I was even going to wear my newest tease to bed tonight,” she said, then sighing as she pulled her pants back up.

“Alright, alright. If it means that damn much to you. But when you get slapped, pushed, or cursed at, don’t come crying to me, because I’m already going to say ‘I told you so!’”

“Okay, game on,” Lauryn grinned, hurrying out of the bedroom before Reginald, and going downstairs, finding Syerren sitting alone in the drawing room standing over by the window. Speaking his name as he turned, Lauryn began to approach him, hearing Reginald coming down the stairs behind her. “I wanted to let you know that I understand yours and your brothers desires to keep your curse secret from us, but am glad that we can all be open now about ourselves. Moving closer to Syerren as he smiled and glanced back towards the window, she stepped then beside of him, glancing back at Reginald and sticking out her tongue and flipping him off, before grabbing Syerren’s butt, causing him to jump.

“This is all a prank on Reginald; just go with it,” Lauryn whispered to Syerren as he looked at her in a non pleased manner, confused by what she was doing. Lauryn then leaned up, kissing Syerren on the lips as she wrapped her hands around his neck and head, running her hands through his hair and rubbing her leg on his thighs. As Syerren pulled away from her, Lauryn pushed him closer to the window. “Pretend that you like it,” she muttered to him between kisses, as Syerren went along with her for a few moments more, still confused by it all.

“Alright that's enough of all of that!” Reginald exclaimed, approaching the two and pulling Lauryn off of Syerren. “You’ve tried making your point, but it seems you are wrong. As I tried to tell you, my Uncle is not gay!”

“What?!” Syerren blurted out, giving the two a wild look as he wiped his face with the back of his sleeve. “Why on earth would you two even start concocting such stories?”

“Oh it doesn’t even matter now. Man, I tell you, I think you’re about the best kisser I’ve ever kissed; I mean asides from Reginald that is,” Lauryn smirked. “Got a nice ass too!” she laughed, watching Syerren blush.

“I’m sorry Uncle. I tried to tell her that this was a stupid idea; but when a woman gets their mind on something . . . well, that’s it,” Reginald apologized, as Syerren appeared calm about the situation.

“Yeah, sorry. I know it was stupid, but just so you know, if I weren’t married with one kid and one on the way with this guy, I’m pretty sure that I would seriously consider you,” Lauryn smiled.

Glancing at the time, seeing that it was starting to become late, Lauryn glanced up at Reginald. “You ready to head home finally?” she questioned, relieved that he was feeling almost completely better since the night before.
“Yeah, that’ll be great,” Reginald answered turning and starting towards the door. “I feel a little weak still, so it’ll be nice to lay down in my own bed and rest. First patting Syerren on the back and leaving message to tell everyone else goodbye for the night.

As the two walked back home for the first time in twenty four hours, Lauryn stopped half of the way there, glancing at Reginald. “Just so you know, he totally had a stiffy for me there at the end before you came in and broke it up,” Lauryn smirked.

“You’re full of it!” Reginald smirked, playfully shoving Lauryn. “I heard you telling him to pretend like he liked it, and that’s all he was doing, was pretending. Besides, all of this time you have been trying to convince yourself that he had a thing for guys, you completely missed how he looks at Ange when she’s in the room. It doesn’t take an expert to figure out that there’s something there, and, he was living at her house all these years.”

Sighing, prepared to accept defeat, Lauryn then stopped as she spun around in front of Reginald, wrapping her arms around his shoulders as he hoisted her up and she wrapped her legs around him. “Forget the hotel, let’s just do it here,” Lauryn said, as the two began to kiss and Reginald stumbled backwards against a tree. Laughing, Lauryn was just about to unfasten Reginald’s belt when she suddenly heard something.

“Ahem,” she heard, turning to find Vladimir and Amy together, hand in hand, out for a walk in the fresh night air.

“Oh, hi . . . fancy to see you two here.” Lauryn laughed as Reginald quickly composed himself behind her. “We were just, you know,” she continued, shaking her head, still laughing from it all.

“You two have a good night,” Vladimir interrupted, nodding towards the two as he wrapped an arm around Amy, glad that at last he could be open and honest, and most of all, proud to be in his son’s life at last.

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