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Post  Vladimir Armâge on 28th November 2017, 13:16

The thought of his son and the events that occurred last night flashed through Vladimir’s mind as he woke for the evening. Wishing it was nothing more than a mere dream, he rose just as Syerren was doing the same. Shifting his hair back, he looked across to his brother.

“I suppose tonight everything is revealed.” Syerren commented going to him.
“Perhaps it was done for us.” He smiled while wondering how Reginald reacted to the news and how much he knows. “I suppose there’s only one way to find out.”

Proceeding upstairs, the brothers gazed around the drawing room, finding no one. Deciding Reginald might still be bedridden; Vladimir led the way then stopped in front of Reginald’s room, feeling presence inside. Looking back to Syerren who told him to continue, he knocked then soon was greeted by Simon.

“Evening,” Vlad muttered, seeing everyone scattered around the room, while Reginald and Lauryn were on the balcony. “How is he?”

“He was out most of the day but soon regained his strength as night fall came,” Simon replied still concerned for the boy.

“How much does he know?”

“Enough; however, mate, we thought it best you reveal to him the supernatural world.”

Letting out a deep sigh while feeling a rub from Syerren, he nodded then went out into the balcony.
Gesturing Lauryn he wanted a word with his son, Vladimir, leaned over beside him, “Lovely evening. Simon said you were explained about our history.”

Still in a daze while confused by everything that was explained to him, he slowly nodded, then glared, “You . . . Uncle Dyl wait. . . Syerren and Mother really were from the 1700s?”

Shrugging, then grinning by how long ago it was, Vladimir nodded, “Yes . . . we are and Simon as well but there’s a lot of history from then to now that when you have a clearer head you’ll understand.”

Nodding, Reginald looked down, “I just want to understand it all.”

“I know, but simple text books and stories can’t explain our world. A vampire life while it’s rewarding has consequences. Believe me Reginald, in time you’ll get a feel for all of this. I’m sure once you are used to it, it’ll become second nature. Just . . . be wary of speaking of it to anyone outside the family.”

“So what exactly happened to me?”

Vladimir looked back seeing much of the group listening in on the conversation. “I wish I had a complete answer for you son.”

"I would rather spend one life time with you then go on having to face all the ages of this world alone. "
Vladimir Armâge
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Post  Cecillia Collins Smith on 28th November 2017, 15:04

Stepping back out on the balcony with Reginald and Vladimir, Lauryn wrapped her arms around Reginald from behind as she lay her head on his back. “It sounds like your family just got a whole lot more interesting than mine now,” she smiled, looking at Vladimir as she removed her arms from around Reginald.

“I would like to apologize for last night,” she then said, going to him. “I know it was stupid, and I know I could have better dealt with my assumptions, but I just had to know the truth because I have been having his feeling now for a little while that something just isn’t right around here and now I know that it was the truth.”

Glad that Vladimir graciously accepted her apology, Lauryn then looked at his cheek. “You really do heal fast, don’t you?” she questioned, showing him then her hand. “Simon showed me a little of you guys’ great healing powers just today, and I must say, it must be nice, especially with as many fights and disagreements as the two of you get into at our hotel.” she laughed.

Turning back to Reginald then, Lauryn looked at him, before hugging him as he rubbed her back.

“Maybe if anything, this has all made me stronger,” he said, looking out into the night, feeling more alive now than he had at all during the long day. “After all, now that I am going to have two women to look out for, I might need to go start lifting weights or something,” he smirked, kissing Lauryn as he placed a hand on her stomach. “Honey, who do you have watching our son,” Reginald then questioned, only just realizing that he wasn’t here with them.

“He’s at my parents, where he has been since yesterday. I called them last night after everything happened.”

Nodding, Reginald turned around then with Lauryn, gazing then at Cecillia.

“What’s for dinner? I’m completely starved!” He exclaimed. “Who’s with me?” he questioned.

“Yeah, I’ll just go organize a closet or something,” Vladimir joked, going to Syerren as the two headed off to preoccupy themselves while everyone else ate.

“Oh come one now, where’s everyone going?” Reginald smirked, as Amy was not far behind the brothers.

“I’m with ya mate,” Simon smiled, wrapping an arm around Reginald. “Now what is for dinner wife of mine?” He questioned. “You never did answer the boy,” he added, as Cecillia playfully shoved him while looking at Reginald. “I stuck a ham in earlier today, and there is also some potatoes, macaroni, salad, and dinner rolls,” she said. “I figured that you would probably be hungry since you haven’t eaten in over a day now.”

“Oh yes ma’am,” Reginald replied, heading out behind Simon and Cecillia, with Lauryn still at his side. As the four made their way into the dining room, everyone took their seats besides Cecillia, who ran off to finish setting the table along with Ange, who had been cooking all this time.

“Oh I have this dear. You go sit down with everyone else. Enjoy spending time with family,” Ange said, smiling.

“Oh nonsense, Cecillia replied. “I have set the table for almost every meal for the past twenty years, and there is no reason why I can’t now.

“You really are quite the woman to be able to put up with Simon after all of these years. I do believe I would have been crazy by this point, had we ever became much of a thing,” Ange commented, slicing the ham and placing it onto a platter.

“Oh trust me, there’s been plenty of times when I was pretty close, but in the end, he’s a good man, a great father, and really does have a heart, even if it’s engulfed in a gallon of alcohol,” she smirked, helping bring out the rest of the food as everyone patiently watched and waited.

“Just like old times,” Reginald smirked, putting food on his plate as he passed bowls around the table.

“Yes, just like old times,” Cecillia smiled as she looked across at Simon, watching as he caringly looked over Reginald.

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