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Alexander Crawford

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Alias: Cecillia (Cill)
Age: 17
How did you find us: Amy
Extra Facts: Live in VA. High School Senior. Accepted to college already.
Contact: PM

Full Name: Alexander Crawford
Nickname: Alex
Custom Title: Ambitious Werewolf
Age: 244 (Turned into a werewolf at age 25)
Gender: Male
Social Status: Werewolf
Occupation: Making it from one full moon to the next.
Relationship Status: Complicated

Portrayed By: Cecillia
Appearance: Tall, Dark Brown - Wavy/Messy Hair, Few Scars Here & There, Mysterious -but- Interesting
Clothing Style: Black Suits most of the time. Even through time changes, the suits most always remain black and similar.
Height: 5'10"

Birthplace: Scottland
Date of Birth: June 13, 1765
Family: The whereabouts of Alex's family is completely unknown. (See history for more)
History: At only three years old, Alexander became a lost boy on the streets, and was put in an orphanage, never to see his parents again. He was a very bright child, but was also into lots of mischief, causing him to constantly be punished for his actions. When he was thirteen, he finally escaped the unforgiving place, leaving everything he knew behind. He lived on the streets alone until getting took in by a family, where he was used as help in return for food and a place to stay. At seventeen, he finally set out completely on his own, finding money where ever he could. For years he traveled place to place, settling no town longer than half a year, as he was never satisfied with what he would find. When he was twenty four, he met a woman, and for the first time spent one year of his life in one place - with her. Upon telling her that he didn't wish to marry at this point in his life, the woman, Mildred Attenburgh, put a life changing curse on him, never to be the same. On September 23, 1790, Alexander Crawford was forever sentenced to live life "Full Moon to Full Moon", cursed for eternity.

Personality: Occasionally unintentionally tempered and physical, but over all a charming man in the eyes of those new to him.
Likes: The days he lives between the full moons, Moving to new places, and having the best possible life one under his circumstances can have.
Dislikes: His Curse . . . And Mildred Attenburgh, the Witch who Cursed Him.
Overall Flaws: Has to spend life dependent on the full moons, putting a strain on relationships and his life at times.
Ideal Weapon: His Werewolf Form
RPG Sample:
Alexander had been traveling for some time when he came upon the town he had wondered into. His money was getting low, and thinking back to the last full moon, knew that he had a good many days to settle somewhere and try to find a safe place for when his next "change" occurred.

He'd heard someone closer in town, near the tavern, mention something about the Collins' folk up, and by the way they talked, made it seem that they had all the riches in town. As he pulled out some of his remaining money for the drink he ordered but didn't drink, Alexander had decided to make his way out and find this Collins family; he was accustomed to showing up and asking about work or a place to stay, so thought nothing more of it.

Taking directions from a man who seemed to know the way pretty well, Alex had set out towards Collinwood, realizing he was almost there when he was met by the think wooded area that surrounded the property. Enjoying himself more so then in the last town he was in, Alex set out along the wooded road, hoping promising work or lodging lay ahead.

-Living Life Full Moon to Full Moon-
Alexander Crawford
Condemned For Witchcraft
Condemned For Witchcraft

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