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Lisa Williams Drakula

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Coming from a French immigrant family that landed in London, England at the turn of the 20th century, Lisa, formally Élisabeth, was the youngest of four children to Albert & Cloé Williams. Lisa distanced herself from her family, taking to the streets at any opportunity she could get, finding much more comfort in the hustle and bustle of the growing city, then the closeness of her family. At the age of 16, Lisa finally made her way away on her own as her family was at its breaking point. Lisa, who had always kept to herself, mainly because she always felt different from everyone else, knew it was the time to disappear into the crowd, after unknowingly playing part in the accidental death of a former school girl.

Never understanding the full potential of her 'powers', it wasn't until she had multiple run-ins with unfortunate events at bad times that she finally grasped her fate, causing her ultimate mortality by age 26, just in the prime of her life.

The next 20 or so odd years, Lisa made herself a prominent figure in her time, adopting a more plain English name, pampering herself in men, luxury, and alcohol. She had her way of always getting what she wanted, and didn't care who, or what, she had to mess with to get it.

In 1957, while at a large ball, she met the man of her dreams, finding something different, and somewhat comforting, in him. His energy proceeded him, and it sent a chill throughout her body every time she was even in the same room with him. His name, was Robert, and he was everything that Lisa wanted, and nearly something she later learned she could almost never have.

It was fate that had brought the two together, and it was their innermost secrets that kept them from falling apart. Watching the man she loved so dearly kill by his bare hands, the blood, the lack of suffering- sent invigorating feelings down her spine. Like erotica art, she enjoyed the fate that cursed him, and thus, vowed to go through life at his side, aiding him in his daily triumphs for survival- abetting in luring, and killing, hundreds of young women.

Managing to work through both of their handicaps, the two established a name for themselves, later setting down, and harvesting a small empire of wealth, and health. Marrying in 1966, the two had their first child, a boy, in 1968, becoming a modern English family. Lisa devoted herself to public appearances, becoming prominent with women in the community, and becoming the face of an ideal mother, while her husband dabbled in law, politics, and fortune, and soon after had their second, and final, child in 1975, a daughter.

Living secretly, under the radar, and without any regrets, molded, shaped, and formed Lisa, and her family's, life. Overcoming differences, forgetting the past, embracing the future, and not caring who objected, have always been, and will always be, their motive.

Lisa Williams Drakúla stands at 5'8 inches tall, and was born on April 20th, 1900. Aging gracefully, like fine wine, she adapts with times, and appearances. With blond hair and dark brown eyes, Lisa stands out in a crowd not by her size, but attitude. Unafraid to share her opinion and speak her mind, Lisa is quick to snap back in even the trickiest situations. Loved by her husband especially for her voluptuous body, Lisa adorns herself with high fashions, designer clothing, and doesn't give a damn who gets offended by her tastes. Described as bitchy by some, she is, in fact, the bitchiest, and witchiest, of her time- at least she will tell you so.

In case otherwise oblivious to the known fact, Lisa Williams Drakúla is possessed with out of this world abilities and powers, able to conjure up things from the worst of nightmares. She is a very strong willed, mind, and bodied woman, and does not feel inferior to other species, sexes, or even to her husband.

Lisa Williams Drakúla
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