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Full Name:Adrien Blackwood a.k.a. Klaus Vladiou
Age:17 (?)
Gender: Male
Social Status: Dhampir (half-human, half-vampire)
Occupation: Entrepreneur
Relationship Status: Complicated


Portrayed By: Alan Hyde
Appearance: He's a young man who looks to be seventeen with a boyish expression that would melt anyone's heart.
Clothing Style: He has dark-brown hair. He wears a beige and brown stripped short-sleeved polo shirt. Red pants and brown worn boots.
Height: 5'9

Birthplace: Romania
Date of Birth:
Family: General Piotr Vladiou (father, deceased), Anna Vladiou (Mother, deceased), Dimitri Vladiou (Elder brother, deceased), Marina Vladiou (Sister, deceased
History: Klaus is the youngest of the three children of General Piotr Vladiou who served under Vlad Dracula. General Vladiou was among the Count's top generals until he realized the kind of tyrant his Count was becoming towards his people. Little knowing of the true monstrosity behind Romania's lunatic tyrant exterior. Concerned for the life of his family, he decided to become an agent for the rebels--revelling in revolt against Dracula. When the struggle neared it's climax and General Vladiou provided the rebels enough leverage to take down the Count, General Piotr fled with his family. However, they were intercepted by the Count and his men. Realizing the betrayal brought upon him by one of his own, Dracula threatened General Vladiou to return to his service or he forfiet the life of his family. One by one. Starting with his youngest, Klaus. Dracula grabbed the boy. Klaus, being the most willful, drove a dagger to the Count's right leg. He struggled to break free from the Count but as he did, he bit the boy by the neck. Out of nowhere, an arrow struck one of Dracula's men, surprising the Count, he let go of Klaus. It was an ambush made by the rebels. In the slaughter, the General and his family was able to escape. But Klaus was getting weaker. Running for their lives, the Vladious encounter a mysterious stranger with a wooded hand, Count Petoffi.
When asked where they were going, Petoffi informed them that Dracula's army is spread thin across Romania and that escape was now impossible. He was, however, willing to help them in exchange for their youngest son, Klaus-for whatever darkness that was within him had begun to spread. Though he has the means to save the boy, Petoffi insisted that they had to decide to let Klaus remain with him. In doing so, he helps them escape.
So with heavy hearts, the Vladious left their unconscious little boy in the care of the count whilst he kept to his word and offered them an immediate escape.
Petoffi raised Klaus as his own-mentored him over the years while providing remedies for the boy that allowed him to grow to young manhood. However, when he turned seventeen, his body began to reject the remedies, which resulted in transforming Klaus into the world's first Dhampir (half-human, half-vampire). When it seems that it was high time for Klaus to return to the world he left behind, Count Petoffi let him establish his roots under a new alias, Adrien Blackwood--an entrepreneur running an antique shop in the middle of Collinsport, Maine.

Personality: Despite his troubled past, Adrien remained diligent and benevolent but sometimes cryptic when it comes to the inquiry of his past. Although one cannot help notice the sense of longing in his boyish demeanor.
Likes: guys and girls--he's bisexual.
Dislikes: Making desicions that won't benefit others, losing control over the darkness inside him which he has kept in check over the years.
Overall Flaws: He still has to drink blood.
Ideal Weapon: Dual weaponry.
RPG Sample:

It was a night unlike all other nights in Collinsport, Maine. In the middle of downtown, a door to an empty three story building opens. Out comes a stout, elderly man with a wooded hand followed by a young man of seventeen. The man gazes around like a newcomer in town.

“Adrien, my boy, welcome to Collinsport!” said the man with open arms taking in the sight before him. The young man, however, gazed at the town with reluctance. He had only heard stories of Collinsport and its inhabitants growing up. He never thought one day he would actually be going there, until tonight.

“Indeed, Master Petoffi.” was the words the boy named Adrien could mutter. “I still feel awkward going by a different name. Couldn’t I have just gone as Nicholas?”

“My lad, we’ve been through this” said the one called Pettofi. “I have taught you all that I know. That knowledge will, I believe will serve you well. It is also why I’ve decided to bequeath most of my prized possessions for you to use and profit from.”


“After tonight, I will no longer be your master but a close friend.” Petoffi has indeed reared the boy like he was his own and soon became fluent in the knowledge of alchemy and magic over the course of their journey through time. True, they must part ways. The only thing of concern in Adrien’s mind is how he will keep the dark alacrity inside him in check.

“This really is it, then?” Adrien stated. “What about the cure you’ve provided me for so many years?”

“My boy, you know very well than I do, that it no longer works since your body began rejecting it when you turned seventeen--.”

“And I’ve been seventeen ever since!” Adrien retorted. “I can’t take the fact that I’ve an adult mind but with a body of a—prebubecent!” he snorted.

“Adrien, you’ll find that there are certain advantages of being your age. You’ll be popular among the ladies.” Adrien scoffed at his soon to be former master.

“What will I do then, aside from keeping close guard over your possessions as an entrepreneur and owner of an antique shop?”

“What you will do is entirely up to you, my adept dhampir.” Count Petoffi finished.
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