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He was a very tall, handsome young man, with those gently swaying, almost nonexistent curls in his dark brown hair.  His hair strayed here and there, finishing at the base of his chin, where dark, two day old stubble grew.  She liked a man with stubble; then again, she liked a man with dark brown, wavy hair too.  She liked this man.  She liked his dark brown eyes, his tan, smooth skin, and most of all, the shape of his perfectly molded body.  Only able to imagine what might be under those layers of expensive clothing, she grinned, then wobbled over and hit the wall with her right shoulder. 
“Watch where you’re going, jerk!” she thought, straightening her shoulder bag as she adjusted the arm her books were hanging from.  Looking up and towards the direction of the man from her dreams, Lauryn sighed, realizing he had managed to get away in a matter of moments.  Pushing her hair back, she crossed her arms, then walked over to the student bulletin board, viewing all of the many flyers for different services and events that painted the surface in a rainbow of colors.  Catching a glimpse of one on the top which appeared someone new and a lot different than the rest, she viewed it more in depth, amazed at it being exactly what she needed; tutoring in her physics class.  “Great!” she thought, ripping off a phone number, then hurrying off down the busy corridor towards the front end of the science building.

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