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Mildred Attenburgh

Post  Mildred Attenburgh on 28th December 2009, 01:50

Alias: Cecillia (Cill)
Age: 17
How did you find us: Amy
Extra Facts: Live in VA.  High School Senior.  Accepted to college already.
Contact: PM main account (Cecillia Collins)

Full Name: Mildred Attenburgh
Nickname: Milly
Custom Title: Mysterious Witch
Age: (Born 4/16/1700 - Died 12/9/1736) Forever 36.
Gender: Female
Social Status: Witch
Occupation: Using her supernatural powers as a . . . witch.
Relationship Status: Single

Portrayed By: Cecillia
Appearance: Black hair, light blue eyes, mysterious but well dressed.
Clothing Style: Darker articles of clothing (dresses) most of the time, but always fits in with the decade she is in.  
Height: 5'8"

Birthplace: Paris, France
Date of Birth: April 16, 1700
Family: Mother and Father both dead (Natural Causes)
History: Mildred was born in Paris, France on April 16, 1700 to Henry and Abigale Attenburgh.  She was a quiet girl growing up, never straying far from her mothers side.  Upon the death of her Mother from tuberculosis, Mildred began to grow more rebellious, starting to dislike her father and eventually leaving him altogether.  In 1734 she met up with an Englishman, Kennith Whiting, and for the next year and a half they lived a very pleasant life together with the expectations of getting married.  Little did Mildred know, Kennith was a dark and evil warlock, and upon finding out, became disloyal in attempts of setting herself free from him.  Her attempts failed however, and on December 9, 1736, Mildred was sentenced to an eternal life as a witch.  Once immortal, Kennith wanted nothing more to do with Mildred and the two went there own separate ways.  Since then, Mildred has yet to find another whom she has been even close to the same relationship that she and Kennith had, for she fears they too will find out of her immortality.  One such unsuspecting soul was that of an American, Quentin Collins, during his brief traveling period.  Mildred fell deeply in love with Quentin, and followed him back to Collinsport, Maine where he lived, however finding that he already had everything he needed and more, let him go, and continued on her lonely life, but always watching over him.

Personality: Friendly for the most part, but occassionaly a wicked schemer.
Likes: To find someone who she can once again love, as she did Kennith
Dislikes: Threatening forces getting in her way
Overall Flaws: Immortality
Ideal Weapon: Her Witch Ways
RPG Sample:

Dark and evil forces had conjured up Mildred on this dark, stormy night; the plea of one she once loved whose family member was in distress had drew her back to a place she had once known, though very briefly. As Mildred stood above the unconscious girl, she thought about the man who had driven her here, Quentin Collins. She knew that this girl laying before her had her once lovers blood running through her, and for that, she envied her.

The girl shifted positions in the bed she was lying in, and then as Mildred continued to stare down upon her, began to gain consciousness. She gazed into her eyes, looking deep into her troubled soul, giving the girl a fright she presumed.

"Don't be frightened my dear, I am not here to hurt you in the least; I have been sent here to help you." Mildred sat down on the edge of the bed, continuing to watch Cecillia who had gained full consciousness and had sat up onto the bed.

It's not too late, it's never too late . . .
Mildred Attenburgh
Cursed By Patofi's Hand
Cursed By Patofi's Hand

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