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Trevor Lyosen Smith

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Cecillia Collins Smith

Full Name: Trevor Lyosen Smith
Nickname: Trev
Custom Title: Protégé Son
Age: 18 (When playing in current time Down Town Forum)
Gender: Male
Social Status: Werewolf turned Warlock, living the life of a Mortal...
Occupation: Student
Relationship Status: Single

Portrayed By: Asher Book (Current age in Down Town Forum), Dakota Goyo (As a young child in Supernatural Shadow Forum)
Appearance: Trevor is a slim, good height young man (5'10) with dark brown hair and eyes and a beautiful smile. As a child his hair was a lighter brown/blond color, but soon darkened around age 8.
Clothing Style: He wears jeans, tshirts, and when the weather permits, a simple jacket. He's a normal teenage guy who wears normal teenage clothes.
Height: 5'10

Birthplace: Collinsport, Maine
Date of Birth: 09/18/1972
Family: The son of Cecillia and Simon Smith
History: Born into the Smith family, Trevor was raised as an honest, mortal child with a lingering curse deep in his veins. In current time -DT, he turns werewolf, but is murdered and revived as a warlock by his father, Simon. He grows up through life alongside Reginald Armâge, who acted almost like a brother to him.

Personality: Fun, Mischievous at times, Well Rounded and Honest, like his father.
Likes: His life and where it's going.
Dislikes: Being forced into doing things he doesn't want to do, though this happens rarely.
Overall Flaws: Sometimes gets into petty trouble, but nothing serious. (More frequent when he was a child).
Ideal Weapon: Powers of the Dark Arts.
RPG Sample:
Standing up from the floor, Trevor smirked down at Reginald still on the floor. "What's wrong . . . fight like a girl?" he sneered with a laugh, walking towards the hallway. "Let this be a lesson to stop testing yourself against me dear cousin," he spoke harshly towards Reginald, surprised that no one was interfering. Looking then back at Simon, Trevor leaned against the wall for a moment. "I am going down to the docks to meet Stephan and Stephanie . . . I might be gone for a while till night fall, I don't know." Glaring then at Reginald, Trevor mocked, "See, just tell the old man and you won't get your ass whipped," then left.

Simon, feeling bad for Reginald, knowing that he didn't want to make too big of a deal out of what just happened, for Reginald's sake, he stood, helping the boy up. "I'm sure he'd been saving that energy up for a long time; you'll get him next time," Simon smiled, putting his arm around Reg. "So tell me . . . is she pretty?" Seeing Reginald play the innocent face, Simon then whispered in his ear; "you smell like girly strawberry shampoo, so either you were with a girl, or you have habits which we don't know about," he chuckled.

Wait on the best things in life.
Trevor Lyosen Smith
Cursed By Patofi's Hand
Cursed By Patofi's Hand

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