The "Big Sister" Program for ALL NEW MEMBERS *Created 06/13/12*

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The "Big Sister" Program for ALL NEW MEMBERS *Created 06/13/12*

Post  Cecillia Collins Smith on 13th June 2012, 12:10

Being a newbie in an unfamiliar place can be hard for some people, especially for those who may be shy or easily intimidated; this is why I thought of the Big Sister Program!

What it is: The Big Sister Program is basically a fancy name for what I am to do for / with new members. During any new members first week or two of arrival at this site, I, Cecillia, will be responsible for making sure that this member has all the information and comfort they need to succeed. I will be around to answer any questions, I can be contacted at almost ANY hour of the day (So if you live in a different country from me -I live in VA in the USA- I can still work around YOUR schedule to provide you feedback), and I will go to whatever length I can to ensure your success. I will decide when to let go and give you free reins whenever I feel that you have a full understanding of what you need to do.

During this period of time, PLEASE feel free to converse with other members of the site, but if you have any direct questions, ASK ME FIRST. Want to start something new? Ask ME. Have a problem with someone or something? Tell ME. Have a problem with me? Either solve this issue with me directly (the preferred way) OR contact Amy (the owner) and she will help resolve the issue.

Now, a little about myself....
My name is Cecillia. I am a 20 year old college student studying Nursing. I live in Virginia, but attend school in Alabama, at the University of South Alabama. I have three cats, a dog, and a betta fish. My hobbies include sewing, watching horror movies, selling what I sew on etsy or ebay, spending time with my best friend (whom is Amy (the owner), go figure Wink), and writing RPG's on this site!

I joined Collinsport Society in July of 2009 under my Carolyn Stoddard account. Soon after, I made my personal Cecillia Collins account. When I joined, this site was still a baby and a work in progress. The URL was nothing fancy and always a challenge to remember, the background was plain white and grey, and the site logo was just a basic Dark Shadows photo. What impressed me, however, was how that there were other people around my age who had interest in something so old and awesome, Dark Shadows.

Although I started as a basic member, a few months later I was given moderator privileges in chat box. Then after a while longer, I was given moderator privileges all around the site (nothing too fancy..just allows you to delete things and lock posts!). I got to choose my custom color and what I wanted to be known as. Then, about a year or so ago, I was given administrator privileges, giving me basically full run of everything. Now, I don't tell you this in order to brag or anything. I mention all of this because I want to try to show that not only do I know what it's like to be new and to be just a regular member, but I also know what working hard and showing dedication can do for you. If I would have given up years ago, I would never be where I am now, and I would have never made a lifelong best friend out of all of this.

I want to be YOUR friend too, so please, have faith in me, have faith in yourself, and please join this site and just try it out. If I don't provide you with enough evidence that you will have an enjoyable time here at Collinsport Society, then you are more than welcome to leave.

If you have any questions at all before joining this site, please feel free to email me at:


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