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Original Character Profile App

Post  Cecillia Collins Smith on 13th June 2012, 11:34

**You can work on this and have it ready before creating an account if you want, or wait until after creating your account, but either way, you NEED to fill this out for YOUR ORIGINAL CHARACTER(S)!!! **

Alias: (Your real name or nickname.)
Age: (Optional)
How did you find us:
Extra Facts: (What do you like to eat...where do you come from? Or do you have notes on the character?)
Contact: (Email address (optional), or just say use PM.)

Full Name:
Custom Title (Optional) E.G. Title you have E.G. Willie Loomis - Slave/Conartist
Social Status: (vampire, ghost, witch, warewolf, mindreader, etc.)
Occupation:(butcher baker, candlestick maker... Optional, it can be put in the history)
Relationship Status: (single, complicated, in a relationship)

Portrayed By: (Optional) (Actor playing your character)
Appearance: (What does your character look like? Strong, pudgy, kind?)
Clothing Style: (This does not have to be long)
Height: (Tall, short, 6'11"?)

Date of Birth:
Family: (Are they dead, how many of them are there?)
History: (Go into detail...Be Creative!)

Personality: (Their history made them this way...)
Likes: (Girls/boys, etc... it can be in depth...)
Dislikes: (The same...)
Overall Flaws:
Ideal Weapon:
RPG Sample: (Doesn't have to be that much, we just want to see your posting style. Something you posted previously is fine)

Feel free to add anything else you may want...Journal entries, memories etc...to your profile. Let your character come alive!

**ONCE COMPLETE: Join the site or LOG ON to the site and post this in the Blue Whale forum under (OC) Character Profiles**

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Cecillia Collins Smith
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