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(Amy Collins Armâge)

Full Name: Emily Ann Smith
Nickname: Emma
Custom Title: A Loving Sister of London
Age: 231
Gender: Female
Social Status: restless spirit
Occupation: maiden
Relationship Status: single

Appearance: Emily to the day of her death was a thin feeble young lady with curly blonde hair usually pinned up or relaxed at the shoulders and her eyes were pale blue much resembling her mother.
Clothing Style: In common simple garments of the 18th century fashion with simple dresses and petticoats.
Height: 5’. 2”

Birthplace: London England
Date of Birth: 22 January 1775
Date of Death: 18 August 1790
Family: Emily is the daughter of Jamison and Abigale and sister to Simon Smith. Being close to her mother while her brother and father were out learning the ways of a blacksmith, she learned what she could being a loyal to the family.

History: Born into a lower working class household, Emily lived a simple life learning the ways of womanhood to her pleasures of reading and spending time with her brother Simon. Through the years of her simple life a tragedy struck the family as news came that the Smith hut caught on fire nearly destroying the building. Witnessing the event thinking her brother was inside it Emily went to investigate but then became trapped inside and met with her death instantly.

Personality: Emily is a friendly, pretty with a playful side to her especially towards her brother Simon.
Likes: Reading and travelling the countryside and spending time with her brother.
Dislikes: disorder and chaos that occurs in the family.
Overall Flaws: her feeble ways
Ideal Weapon: her brother.

"Never forget me . . . I'll always be with you."
Emily Smith
Arrived By Train
Arrived By Train

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