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Post  Sarah Patterson on 14th December 2009, 22:08

*For sake of privacy, a stand in picture is being used for the "real thing"*

Alias: Cecillia (Based on my RL friend Sarah)
Age: 17
How did you find us: duPres invited of course!
Extra Facts: In real life, Sarah is a funny, down to earth, basketball player with a kind heart and a genius brain. She is very quite until around just the right people, one of which: none other than Cecillia. Wink
Contact: PM

Full Name: Sarah Patterson
Nickname: Sarah . . . just Sarah!
Custom Title: Sheriff's Lil' Princess
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Social Status: Just another teenager in this world!
Occupation: Student
Relationship Status: Single

Portrayed By: Cecillia
Appearance: 5'6", blond shoulder length hair, braces, pretty average person - yeah.
Clothing Style: Sporty/Preppy/Casual . . . Nothing Fancy. Just a teeshirt, Jeans, and a pair of flipflops or Sperry's.
Height: 5'6"

Birthplace: NYC
Date of Birth: June 20, 1992
Family: Parents dead in a series of unfortunate events. Current family is Sheriff George Patterson, which is who Sarah lives with now.
History: Born and raised in NYC, such a nice city, but very busy and definitely not for people like me: people who prefer to slow down a little bit. My parents were the light of life; I adored every moment we spent together; all 17 years. An unspeakable series of events plagued our lives, and I lost them; it's a story few have heard and few will ever hear. I was very lucky that I have a kind, kind uncle who lives in Collisport, Maine, who was more than happy to take me in. Bringing along everything I could fit, I loaded myself up on a train headed straight to Collinsport, Maine, never to look back on everything I lost, in hopes to find something to look forward to ahead.

Personality: Very happy, easy going person. I like to make friends & am very kind and considerate. Never take anything for granted, as it can be snapped away in blink of the eyes.
Likes: Being on the go and active, but also being laid back. I love to laugh and like to love Wink Friends are important, and one can never really have enough. Music and talking are two things that make any and every day more likable.
Dislikes: People that like to hate . . .
Overall Flaws: The occasional snap of temper.
Ideal Weapon: Smarts Wink
RPG Sample:
Sarah Patterson had just arrived on the train the night before, and was on her way to see her uncle at work when she decided to stop at the coffee shop that had been closed the night before. She wasn't in a mood (nor have a liking) for coffee, but one thing was for sure: her uncle didn't really have anything she fancied to eat in his house, and Sarah was nearly starved.

When she walked in the door, she immediately felt like turning back around. There was but two people in the entire place, and they were both looking at her. She wasn't usually shy, but for some reason this morning she was. Quickly taking the nearest table, Sarah took a seat facing away from the other customer, and politely sat and waited for the waitress to come to her table.

Sarah Patterson
Condemned For Witchcraft
Condemned For Witchcraft

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