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Cecillia Leigh Collins

Post  Cecillia Collins Smith on 11th November 2009, 19:50

Cecillia Collins
Age: 18
How did you find us: Amy du Prés
Extra Facts: Student at Jefferson College of Health Sciences pursuing a Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing. C/O '14 . . . hopefully!
Contact: PM

Full Name:
Cecillia Leigh Collins
Nickname: Cill
Custom Title: At Life's Crossroads
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Social Status: Merely a Mortal
Occupation: Student
Relationship Status: Occupied with this l♥️vely: love

Portrayed By: Cecillia Leigh
Appearance: The average college student with medium length dark brown hair, dark brown eyes, and sorta short in height.
Clothing Style: Changes with the season, but never anything out of the way or overly dressy. Usually just simple outfits which are practical yet comfortable and nice.
Height: 5'2

Concord, NH
]Date of Birth: February 6, 1952 (or 1992 if we are talking RL)
Family: A brother who studies in England and a father who recently moved back to Collinsport, Maine.
History: I am a direct descendant of Quentin Collins, who was the father of my late Grandfather. My parents I never knew, and until my Grandfather's passing in September 1967 I lived with him. After he died, I was moved to an orphanage where I figured I would spend some time. However, I soon learned that the Collins family works in mysterious ways, and some how family I had never had contact with, or ever even knew, had found and adopted me. Packing what little I had left, I moved away from the city I had always knew and loved, to go to Collinsport, Maine, where my story was to start all over again.

Curious, in a way Solitaire, mostly easy going, and often in a hot mess here or there.
Likes: To be alone some times, and some times with the people she likes. Having fun and sharing laughs.
Dislikes: People who show lack of interest, waiting for things to fall in place, being told what to do.
Overall Flaws: Occasionally "step on peoples toes" (make them mad) and can over argue my point.
Ideal Weapon: Quick thinking of course.

RPG Sample:

September 28, 1967

I have now learned why it is best to keep your nose out of other peoples business; unfortunately I learned the hard way. This mansion is ever so tempting to snoop around, but after last nights incident, I am afraid to try and do such any more. Where do I even begin . . . the beginning I suppose!

It was around 12:30 am and I figured that everyone was in bed. I crept down the dark hallway, making sure that I didn't hear anyone still up and about. Almost failing flat on my face, I stumbled down the stairway to the foyer. Every light in the place appeared to be out, except for one or two that was shinning from towards the kitchen. Careful and as quietly as possible, I made my way towards the basement, wishing that I had brought along a better flashlight: all I had was a really small one that had belonged to my grandfather.

The basement of Collinwood is no where near as glamorous as the rest of the house. I'm serious. It sort of reeks of a musty like smell, and the piles of straight up junk clutter the floors. How can a family of such pride have such a disturbing basement! None the less, I guess that having all of this stuff just piled up makes it more fun to explore. And so, on my merry way I went, looking in boxes, chests, bags, anything. Most of all I found was old clothes (big deal, I know). There was a few interesting antiques, but my tiny flashlight barely illuminated them enough to be able to tell what they were.

I was doing pretty good at keeping quiet . . . until I rammed my leg into the side of a very sharp mirror. Pain shot instantly up through my leg and into my body, and I did what anyone would do in that situation: I screamed. Okay, bad thing to do, I KNOW, but it was totally spur of the moment. I instantly knew that I shouldn't have screamed, but it was too late; I knew that someone had to of heard me. I tried scanning the dark corners for a place to hide, but when you are in pain and in a panic, this is all rather hard to accomplish! I was so desperate to keep myself out of trouble, that I had all but forgotten about my leg, which at the moment I had no idea was seriously injured.

It wasn't until I heard the basement door open and see someone come down the steps that I knew I was caught. All within seconds, the basement light flickered on, and I stood on the opposite end of the room, staring at a displeased Elizabeth. I could tell that she was very angry at me, and I knew that I was about to get it: big time. I tried thinking up a smart sounding lie, but my pain had caught up to me, as my leg went numb and I leaned against a stack of boxes. This called Elizabeth's attention to my injury, and for just a minuet in time, her motherly instincts kicked in: the mother I'd never had perhaps? As she made her way over to my aid, I looked down at my leg. Blood was running down the long gash running from my knee to halfway down my leg; a few stray drips had made their way onto the concrete floor.

No longer caring what my reason for being in the basement was, Elizabeth grabbed an old rag from a stack and dabbed it on my leg trying to get off some of the blood; unfortunately I think this just made it worse. We quickly made our way back upstairs and I unfortunately dripped the whole way. I'm not sure what made me feel worse: the fact that I broke a rule and went into the basement in the middle of the night, or the fact that I was leaving 'essence of Cecillia' everywhere I walked. All I knew was that Mrs. Johnson wasn't going to be happy when she had to go through and mop all the floor between the foyer and the basement.

I reluctantly stood on a towel as Elizabeth poured disinfectant on my leg. The pain was just as bad as getting the gash in the first place, but I tried to pretend that it didn't hurt at all; I figured that it was the least that I deserved. She finished up and rapped bandages around my leg, and that was that. Once that was taken care of, her seriously displeased look was once again pasted on her face, and I knew that this was going to be an unpleasant talk.

I explained myself, telling the whole truth, and she surprisingly took in every word. Then for what ever reason, she did not yell. No, in fact, she just informed me to not let it happen again. I could tell from her tone and expression that she was being extremely serious, and I quickly agreed. I said my apologizes and then said good night, for the second time that night. As she turned out the lights in the foyer, I made my way back up to my room, not stopping to look back.

This morning I awoke to a very red, swollen leg. I guess that it is normal, but Elizabeth has asked Vicki to take me into town and to a doctor tomorrow if the color and swelling doesn't go down. She is very considerate, and I was astonished that she didn't mention last nights happening at the breakfast table, or any other time today. A pleasing smile adorned her face whenever I passed her throughout the day, and that was that. I shall not complain though; I'm thrilled that she hasn't turned sour over me yet, as I feel that there is still much to be discovered here. I might enjoy my stay in Collinwood after all!


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My Life at Collinwood So Far . . .

Post  Cecillia Collins Smith on 19th February 2010, 22:46

I’ve been at Collinwood for basically a year now, but all the people and events have surely made it seem like much longer. When I first arrived, I had certain difficulties not getting myself into situations which I needed to avoid, but as time progressed, even the worse of events seemed to go unnoticed; I have basically become a well respected addition to the Collins family . . . though such a name I have always possessed, just never knew what it meant until moving here.

One of the first friends I met goes by the name Kathryn Collins, and is supposedly related to the family somehow also. We hit it off pretty quickly and seemed to always be found places together, even at her work (where I opted to volunteer at, but then decided against it at the last moment). I’m afraid that my ways of playing off my young attitude along with certain personal struggles tore us apart. I still walk by the antique shop where she worked at from time to time, and stop to look into the window. I think she left Collinsport however, as I haven’t been able to spot her inside the shop; though, unless I were to actually go inside I will never know.

I quickly made a new friend and met up with an old one not long after Kathryn’s straying, however. Sarah Patterson, a girl I once went to school with, arrived into town one sunny day, somehow managing to meet up with Amy Collins (a cousin) and the two found their way into my front yard . . . no seriously, it was the front part of Collinwood. I had never really interacted with Amy prior to Sarah bringing her to my attention, and even though at first I felt almost intimidated by her, I quickly put those feelings to bay.

Sarah and I were inseparable during her first few weeks back. She was here basically every other night, and we were constantly found in town together, doing nothing except walking from here to there. I will never forget the night I showed her the Old House and we were caught. Somehow Sarah ended up in the hospital; I know that Syerren or Vladimir had something to do with it, but getting to know them more over the past months, I have learned that there was no way that either of them done it out of hatred or meanness. Sarah didn’t remember any of it, thankfully, as some things she shouldn’t have known about. Once she got a job in town at the library, (around the same time I started to, but then decided against, working at the antique shop), we didn’t seem to hang out quite as much, which is where my bond with Amy seemed to bloom.

I believe I set myself up as a minor nuisance to Amy at first, making it a wonder she even let me within seeing distance of the Old House . . . then again, the house and property is no more hers than mine, so it would have only been a wishful demand, not an actual restraining order. With the help of many errands from Elizabeth, as well as running into Amy in places such as the diner, I was easily able to nurture my relationship with her, until it grew into something far greater than expected. Spending my days with her at the Old House or out somewhere became something to look forward too, and though she might never admit it, I think she looked forward to it too. It’s funny how it took another friend to come in and leave, just to find one who is of more greatness and enjoyment.

I can pinpoint the few times when Amy had it out for me. All times were purely related to protecting her beloved Vladimir and Syerren, which I can completely understand. I think she had to make sure she could trust me, before allowing Vladimir and Syerren to trust me, and for me to be trusted with all of their immortal secrets. The horrifying scene of Syerren helping himself to Carolyn and all the struggles along the way then made sense, and I began to realize that it was all just a way for Syerren to make it through yet another night.

It wasn’t until after I could be trusted with such information that I actually became friends with Vladimir and Syerren; before that point, I had been actually a little afraid to be around either of them. Again, it wasn’t the fact that I had seen them do such horrible acts, but the fact that I couldn’t be trusted . . . mistrust can lead to dangerous events, so I have learned.

It didn’t take long after learning of Syerren and Vladimir’s ways, to learn that there are more powerful beings out there, some more gentle than others. One by the name of Kennith Whiting swooped in many times, every time taking with him a piece of me it seemed. Before him, however, was the scandal with a body found up at Widow’s Hill. The entire thing was trying to be framed on Vladimir and Syerren by a detective named James Emerson.

At first, I thought the guy was legit among other things. James was well respected by Sheriff Patterson, as well as by my own family. However, they, as well as myself, come to realize that he was beginning to be up to no good and came very close to exposing one of the many secrets hidden at the Old House. I proudly say that I stood my ground to him, although I think I did end up apologizing for it down the road, but I wasn’t really sorry. James didn’t last long, as Syerren came in with his own form of revenge, attacking the man and causing him to go insane.

James was admitted to Wind Cliff, soon escaping and coming back. He managed to wrangle up Vladimir and Syerren and inflict a good amount of pain onto them as well as Amy, but he was quickly finished off by the two brothers; one of the first times I came to realize of their strength.

After this incident though, Kennith was the next to disturb peace and all of our lives. He stole my long time friend Sarah, he stole an innocent, cursed man’s life, and he almost stole the life of one whom I have grown to love (the only good thing to come from Kennith, was my realizing I loved Syerren). Kennith repeatedly attacked all of us, turning Sarah Patterson against me and everyone else, and then stealing her away from her family and friends in order to help him do his deeds of endless revenge and payback (for what, no one seems to know).

Syerren stepped up in all of Kennith’s attacks; saving my life so many times that I will forever owe it to him. Maybe it was that first time I was held in his arms that I first fell in love, but I can’t remember my first time being in his arms . . . every time is like a first, as every time feels better than the last. He risked his life to save me from a burning cottage; something not even some of the bravest men would do. As I lost my long time friend Sarah, he was there to wipe away my tears; perhaps this was the first time I voluntarily found my way into his arms, and most definitely one of first times he found his way into my heart.

During the period of time when I was being stalked and almost killed by a supernatural, Syerren was there to protect me along the way, helping save me from the creatures grasp just in the nick of time. This night I will never forget, for this was the night that everything fell into place and I don’t know that either of us expected it. As we both discovered our feelings of love for each other, we shared a memorable hug and kiss in my moonlit bedroom, before his desires grew to great and he almost did the unthinkable. I don’t know that I would have minded much if Syerren’s control wouldn’t have been so great, as I could tell from then on out that I would always love him for who he was, not what he was. As I passed him a ring which I found very dear to myself, I said my goodbyes, unknowing it would be another attack later before I would see him again.

Placed under my first curse, I was sentenced to live life as an innocent deer during the day for a couple days, picking up a gunshot wound to the leg along the way. Though different from what Vladimir and Syerren have to face every night, I could at least then understand the torture associated with it all, as I missed out on so many things during the day . . . I could only imagine living like that for centuries. It wouldn’t have been so horrible, though, if I would have been able to see Syerren at night; I could see him, just not as himself. Syerren was sentenced to his normal, vampire self during the day, while living out a sentence as a hawk during the night. Minor anxiety began to set in, as I wondered how long this would have to go on, just wanting to be able to be with him, even just for a few minutes.

Love and strength was eventually put to test the night that Kennith along with Sarah arrived back in town and upon Widows Hill. I, without even knowing it, nearly committed suicide by jumping off the cliff, as Kennith had me entranced. It took many distractions and the overall helping hand of one who is both enemy and friend, Mildred Attenburgh. Mildred still today despises Vladimir and Syerren, but is forever destined to protect me, as she has on many occasions. With her trusting help, Syerren was eventually able to free his cage, swooping down and rescuing my dangling body, endangering his own self in return. My body, once again under the control of Kennith, took yet another death walk to the edge of the Hill, but Vladimir (one who has played a big part in many of my rescues) saved me and Syerren just in time, disappearing into the night and leaving Kennith and his silly plans in progress, never to be finished.

It was a long night as I gazed upon the seemingly lifeless body of the little hawk . . . Syerren. Nearly killing himself just to save me, he was at that point paying for it dearly; a thought which was hard to accept. As I cradled the deathly bird, tears falling upon it, I, along with the others, were overjoyed to see the curse broken and Syerren turn back to himself. I never felt such excruciating pain for the life of another person until that night; a feeling which I will never forget.

Life hit its high points for a while, until we were once more burdened with another threat to the family, this time from a two century old ghost. The task was easily dealt with however, thanks to the help of Skyler Haskell . . . which was a surprise all on its own. Luckily, no one’s life had been put into too much danger that time, and as we buried the source, we unexpectedly had a night I am sure that the four of us will likely never forget.

What started as a stroll in the night, turned into something more. As Amy and I were suddenly instructed to find Vladimir and Syerren, we looked at each other with a laugh and then ran off into the night. Though dark, I was never scared, for I had only one thing on my mind: Syerren. It gave me time to think about every little thing I love about him, realizing there is just so much. I love his name, and how I like to mispronounce it just for laughs; I think it makes it cuter. He has such a darling smile and an overall gorgeous appearance; even his wispy cape suits him well (and is ever so warm!). Syerren is very polite and caring, and he stands up for what he thinks is right. He’s everything I could ever dream of in a love, and even just thinking about him tells me that he feels the same way.

As I was searching for him though, I felt as though I was running in a circle. However, spotting a bat in the distance, I began running towards it, finding Amy along the way. As we came within arms distance of our loves, they disappeared before us again, only to turn up a minute later behind us, rewarding us for our search.

As if that wasn’t enough to call it a magnificent night, it began to rain and Syerren came up with the idea of hiding away in a cave on the beach for a while. It was such a romantic topper for the night, and as I buried myself in his arms, warming my chilled body, I realized how wonderful it is to lay in his loving embrace. Though that night is now only relieved in my dreams, the feelings I felt still linger on every time we are near one another. I love Syerren so much that it kills to know that it is forever a challenged relationship.

Making it through my second love based spell, I had to race against time to save dear Syerren. A gypsy by the name of Julianka placed the spell on Syerren and me . . . we thought it was only a fortune, but found out very soon that that was the least of it. Syerren was forced to give into his demands because those around us didn’t agree with our relationship. Unknowingly, he inflicted himself with poisoned blood . . . from me. This was the second time I had cost his life, and as I fought against the hold backs by others, I managed to get to Syerren just in time, as my kiss, the kiss of a true lover, saved his life.

A true lover is a title I will take, as I couldn’t agree with it more. No matter how others may look down upon my love for Syerren, no matter how wrong it may be, no matter how long it should last . . . if at all, I don’t care. A person can find love early or can spend their entire life searching for that perfect one. I have found that perfect one, now I must spend my entire life enjoying him.

~Cecillia Collins~

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Pictures of ♥Syerren & Cecillia♥

Post  Cecillia Collins Smith on 20th February 2010, 08:33

♥️Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥️ღஜ♥️Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top♥️Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥️ღஜ♥️
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Re: Cecillia Leigh Collins

Post  Cecillia Collins Smith on 27th February 2010, 22:39

A snow storm hit us a couple weeks ago, bringing with it a few days of sheer misery. I ended up getting snowed in the Old House with Amy, (which okay . . . was more so a blessing, as I would have went mad at Collinwood!) It was kind of nice really, though hearing stories of a person’s history usually is. It definitely set the mood for a well off night, regardless of the blistering cold.

I couldn’t complain too much about the cold however; poor Vladimir and Syerren were stuck in the mausoleum the first night during the storm. I am glad that, in their condition, they can handle such drastic measures . . . someone like me would have been frozen to death in probably ten minutes; I would say that Willie is nearly proof of this, for he had to go out in it all and collect wood for the fires.

The second night, however, Amy and I were both stunned to find Vladimir and Syerren walking up the road along with Skyler. I, like a fool, ran out in the freezing snow, (followed by Amy mind you, so I’m not the only crazy), to retrieve a very cold Syerren. As everyone got warmed up, Skyler decided he needed to head back out in it and continue on to Collinwood. It was because of Vladimir and Syerren that he was even out in the snow; I ever wonder what he told Carolyn the reason was.

From that snowy night on, Syerren and Vladimir took up daytime residents in the basement of the Old House; a more practical arrangement in my opinion. It is actually quite nice to know that they are close by during the day, and, of course, right beside us at night.

After all of the snow cleared up, Collinsport hit an unusual mild temperature, bringing with it a new family to the area. The father of the family is the new contractor in town, and that’s about the only good news to be told. The son, Ryan, could have had more in the way of friendship had he not come off on Amy like he did. Ryan presented himself as a very friendly guy my age who took a high liking into Amy. Her eyes, of course, were nowhere in his direction, but something about Ryan made it hard for me to keep my eyes away . . . unfortunately he didn’t feel the same way; not about me anyway.

He did the unthinkable by harassing Amy one night and was punished greatly by the angry Vladimir. This was also around a time when I was ever so confused and actually stuck up for Ryan in spite of what he did. As I said my temporary farewell to Syerren, I went out in attempts to make friends with the enemy; the enemy, however, still saw me as nothing but a cousin of the girl whom he had eyes for.

After hearing tell that Ryan had his way with Amy once again, all of my feelings about him, Syerren, and the entire situation stirred around inside of me, causing me to isolate myself from it all for one night. One can never escape from Syerren however, as he always seems to have a way of finding those whom are missing. Providing a shoulder to cry on, I came to realize that he was for me, and Ryan was only something to gawk at for two days.

Life hit its highs for a while yet again as I broke free from all my daily tasks and headed out into the warm, fresh, sunny air, taking paths I really had never paid attention to before. Such a good day would of course come to an unfortunate climax, as I cut my leg with rusted metal and then thought nothing of it. Continuing on my day, I ended up with unexpected fever, dizziness, and delusions.

At any giving time, I’ve really only been afraid of Vladimir, Amy, and Syerren only a couple of time; then again, until then, I never thought about the gruesome fact of what they were. I come to see them as ordinary people with extraordinary powers, but whatever was in my mind wanted me to see them as the vampires they really are. Afraid hardly describes my feelings towards them; I was basically terrified to death . . . no actually it was death I was terrified of!

After encountering what I thought was a gravestone with my name on it and a few emotional run-ins with Amy, I began to see clearly again. My fever still persisted however, making the delusions seem like nothing. It was at that point which I could tell why Amy is so hooked on Vladimir. I think that I would have already died a thousand deaths had it not been for him; like a cure I’ve never had before in my life, the fever, dizziness, delusions, and cut were all taken from me, and once more, I further indebted myself to Vladimir and Syerren.

It’s at this point I come to realize that every low point in life at Collinsport is immediately met with a high. Having my first dance with Syerren, I learned useful information such as: there is a piano at the Old House, Vladimir place wonderfully, and why are Syerren and I the ones dancing to beautiful music? Some days later, I had schemed a perfect plan with the help of Syerren and Willie: a wedding shower for Vladimir and Amy.

The date and time set, the presents and decorations purchased, and the food and guests arrived; everything seemed to be going perfectly. Amy and Vladimir stepped into the Old House with surprise on their face, never expecting to have such an event take place . . . at least not at a time such as that. Courtesy of Elizabeth, they enjoyed a dance and Syerren found a mysterious gift for the two . . . a gift which changed the entire night, and only Syerren, Amy, and Vladimir experienced it.

All I, and every other mortal remembers is Amy and Vladimir opening the gift which had the jewelry box in it, and then turning to find Amy, Vladimir, and Syerren standing together by the door. As I broke the silence, I quickly caught sight of Vladimir’s bloody shirt, saving him from embarrassing, troublesome, and perhaps incriminating questions later on. As I tried to get Syerren to tell of what happened, he hesitated and then I just decided to give up on it.

The night overall was a success and Vladimir and Amy enjoyed themselves very much. I felt good giving back something for everything they have ever done for me. Saving my life over and over, providing friendship, and letting me basically take up dual residency is surely worth it.

Salem, Massachusetts was the next adventure, though started out as only an innocent trip for Amy and me. She graciously decided to go with me there, and I was ever thankful that Elizabeth agreed. The first five hours or so of the trip were seemingly unbearable; but then seeing Syerren and Vladimir flying outside of the car made time go by even more slowly and was definitely not easily bearable.

Along with Vladimir and Syerren, Amy and I managed to have an unexpected good time out in town, guiding ourselves on a little ghost tour. I’m not mad one bit that the times got mixed up; I wouldn’t trade the excitement level of that night for anything.

After such a night, I could only expect that the next day at the Witch Museum could only be ten times better, and it was . . . at first. With only thirty minutes to waste, I ended up somehow talking Amy into going with me as we snuck into the basement of the museum and ended up getting stuck. The lights kept flicking on and off and my hallucinations came back for a bit . . . or perhaps it was just the darkness. We ended up being stuck down there for several hours before Vladimir and Syerren managed to find us . . . for the hundredth time.

After escaping just in time, (escaping jail that is), we made our way back to the hotel, where the last thing I remember doing was falling asleep beside of Syerren . . . what happened other than that . . . I’m not sure I actually want to know!

~Cecillia Collins~

♥️Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥️ღஜ♥️Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top♥️Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥️ღஜ♥️
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Re: Cecillia Leigh Collins

Post  Cecillia Collins Smith on 21st March 2010, 19:29

A portrait is worth a thousand words; the one that Kennith had Sam Evans painting was more than that. Disguised as a man just passing through town in search of his portrait painted, Kennith managed to cause Sam into painting incriminating portraits that would point fingers at Syerren and Vladimir down the road. Sam, baffled, began to investigate, and through the use of a simple mark put in place by Kennith, Sam was able to tie the portraits to the brothers. Telling Sam to investigate further, Kennith coaxed Sam into asking to meet with Vladimir during the day time hours; something that would only be possible with the help of the reluctant Mildred. At the last moment, however, Mildred ended up coming through for Vladimir, giving him a moment in the sun, which was plenty enough to convince Sam against what Kennith had said. Unknowing, Vladimir’s moment in the sun came with a price: one which I would later have to pay.

Like after every catastrophe, the Old House was on a positive note until Vladimir and Syerren woke up to an unexpected surprise. The Old House turned out to have a poisonous snake infestation, and after the brothers, as well as Amy, almost got bit, it was decided that we would have to move out of the house temporarily. Amy and Willie came to stay at Collinwood while Vladimir and Syerren had to carry their coffins back to the mausoleum for a while.

As if having an infestation wasn’t enough to worry about, Ryan Cooper, the very troublesome boy who had his rounds with Amy, managed to break into the Old House and found himself trapped in the basement. Staying down there for an entire day, Vladimir risked his life to go save him, which I’m sure was occupied with a talk of some sort. I wish that that was the last time we ever saw of Ryan, but it was far from it.

Just a couple days later after moving back in, Willie ended up discovering Ryan’s badly injured body at the front door. Simultaneously, I had a find of my own, as a noise from the attic drew me up to it, and I ended up stumbling upon a chest full of secrets waiting to be discovered. With the help of Syerren, the chest was opened and inside we found notes from my ancestors, as well as a family tree which linked me to Alexander Crawford, and pieces of jewelry. I was astonished by the family tree the most, having never thought I would be of kin to him.

As Syerren told me of Ryan’s condition downstairs, I thought it best to return back to my bedroom, where I poked through the contents of the chest once more. Just as I was about to give up and say there was nothing else to find, I came across more letters as well as the small time traveling box I had encountered before. After sharing my find with Syerren, I gave him an idea which he didn’t take too kindly to, but as we grabbed the box and went back in time to 1795 I think that the realization that he got to live as a mortal for a day was a nice feeling.

As Syerren brilliantly found out all the information from Alexander that we needed, we trailed away from the Old House in search of a place to settle for the night, only to run into Vladimir. Vladimir recognized Syerren of course, but as Syerren as he was in 1795. As Syerren convinced Vladimir of our situation, Alexander ended up overhearing and threatened us not to be around come the next full moon. Urging the help of Vladimir then more than ever, Syerren and I set out to a room where we spent the night.

Awaking to a beautiful sunny morning, Syerren, who was all smiles, and I made our way out into town just to enjoy ourselves until nightfall. Unexpectedly, I ran into the young Amy who mistook me for her cousin during 1795. Sending her running along with a rose which Syerren had given to me, I smiled at the experience and then enjoyed the rest of the day. On the beach, Syerren and I lay, watching as the sun went down.

Making our way back up from the beach we found Vladimir. Before much of a conversation was exchanged, Alexander’s warning came all too true as the wolf attempted to kill us all. Going for Vladimir but failing, it then went after me and Syerren, ending up biting Syerren. Not all was at loss though, as around the wolf’s neck was the time traveling box on a chain. As we got our hands upon it, Syerren and I headed back to our own time, regretfully leaving Vladimir with the wolf.

Back in our proper times, Syerren’s leg quickly healed, and we were that much closer to realizing what had happened to Ryan. After telling Amy and Vladimir of our quest, Ryan awoke, not exactly realizing what had happened to him. As he stumbled out the front door, I believe that what had actually happed was all too obvious: the scratch marks were proof of that.

After Ryan’s departing, relief from a nights stress was thought up by Vladimir and Syerren, and as we all four walked outside, the two vanished into the night, leaving Amy and I wondering. A good ten minutes later they both arrived back carrying a rose for Amy and me. If that wasn’t enough excitement for one night, then the view from the tower we landed on top of surely was.

A few days later I was surprised to find that Sarah Patterson had been found in Bangor by Skyler and had been brought back to Collinwood. I was happy but completely skeptical as I, along with Vladimir, Amy, and Syerren, feared that it could possibly be a trick from Kennith. However, Sarah could remember nothing from when she was missing, but she did in the long run, unfortunately vaguely remember Syerren. Syerren quickly assured her that she had probably seen him in Bangor and that was that; whether she believed it, I’m not sure.

Further tragic events associated with Ryan arose, as Roger found himself in serious trouble after being in a fatal car wreck with Ryan and his father. Ryan’s father was killed, and the police had to hold Roger on the charge of murder. Ryan didn’t let the matter live down easily. After tormenting me in the woods at night and then Amy and me during the day, it was all we could do to stand any of it anymore.

Ryan wasn’t the worst of it though, as the press showed up at Collinwood asking incriminating questions about Amy’s testimony. Since she was present at the accident, they suspected that she had lied in Roger’s favor. Elizabeth made them leave, but that night at the Old House they came back once more. This time, however, it was Vladimir and Syerren who dealt with them, but they also gave the press a new story: bats at the Old House.

It was just when we were all fed up with it that Roger was released from jail. Patterson had found out that Ryan’s father had health issues which caused him to die at the wreck. He also found out that Ryan had tipped the press off, which was why they were constantly printing false stories about Roger, Amy, and even Vladimir. Although his two nights in jail would be something Roger would always remember, he was still relatively civil about the matter and life went back to normal.

Normal was an understatement for the next troublesome event, this one more personal than all the rest. Elizabeth for some reason convinced herself that college in Boston was the best thing for me. With the help of Sarah, she continuously tried to convince me that it was what I needed to do, and even went as far as telling Amy, Vladimir and Syerren to stay out of my affairs after the three had so kindly tried to tell her that this was not the best choice.

Not wanting to see me go, Syerren worked magic at night, managing to convince Sarah in her sleep that I was not to go to college and that she would inform Elizabeth of this in the morning. As he stopped by to say his good nights to me, I was informed to insure Sarah remembered what to say in the morning, and as we both went down stairs to tell Elizabeth of the news, I was all smiles. Putting Elizabeth’s mind in a completely different direction, she changed her mind about the idea of college, telling me that it would be my decision. With much pleasure, I walked away from the house with Sarah after that, never being so proud of her. Though she had seemed nearly invisible to me until that point, I then began to renew that bound we had between us, for she had helped keep me with all the ones which I love and care about.

August set in, and as Amy and Vladimir sat happily together on the sofa, Syerren and I sat by the fire. As I watched the two lovers, I came up with a brilliant idea, quickly sharing it with Syerren who also liked it. It was then that we decided that it was time for Amy and Vladimir to get married, and the best part of it all . . . it would be a complete surprise for Amy.

A lot of behind the scenes scheming went on to make it a success, but as I dressed Amy in elegant attire it was worth it. What she thought was only a walk in the woods with her father and me, turned out to be a walk to Collinwood to her awaiting marriage. Like the brightest candle in the drawing room of the Old House, Amy’s smile illuminated the event as vows were said and the two were wed.

I wished that the rest of the evening went as peaceful as the wedding had, but that wasn’t the case. Vladimir came down with a sudden urge for blood, and for sake of not arising questions I went out into the night to check on him instead of Syerren. There was nothing left to do by the time I got there, except to let him take from me; had he not been desperate it wouldn’t have happened. Sorry for what he had to do, I was taken back to the Old House and put to bed, while he went back to Collinwood to enjoy what was left of his wedding party.

Later that night after Syerren had found out what had happened, he was at my bedside . . . always an encouraging sight. Assuring that everything would be fine, we said our good nights and I slept through a quite painful night. My slumber was short lived, however, as Mildred showed up for me. It was then that I learned of Amy’s bargain, and before I could do anything about it, I was with Mildred at her cottage on the outskirts of town.

Without the family knowing, I went through days of pretending. Mildred had in her mind to teach me of the dark arts; I had in my mind to do nothing more but escape her. On Vladimir’s second attempt at summoning me, I was able to go to him this time, and shed light on where I had been. Knowing it was the only way, Vladimir said that he, along with Syerren and Amy would protect me on my final days there, and whatever magic Mildred expected me to possess they would provide. It was a good thing that they learned of my whereabouts and situation when they did, for the proceeding night, Mildred put me through three tests that not any mortal would be able to complete.

It was Amy that helped me through the first and second test; the first one extinguishing a fire and the second one summoning her. But it took great thinking from Vladimir to be able to accomplish the third task. As Mildred continued to beat down Amy (who was already in a desperate condition) and myself with her powers, Vladimir snuck into the house. Just as Mildred thought she would be able to finish me, Vladimir caused the witch to fall at my feet, convincing her that I had in fact done it.

Satisfied that all three of her tests had been passed, Mildred let me leave, thinking that I had learned her evil ways of protection. It was purely trickery though, for as Amy and I walked our way back to the Old House, a satisfied smile could be seen upon either of our faces. With Mildred out of our way for a while, I can only imagine who will cause trouble next.

♥️Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥️ღஜ♥️Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top♥️Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥️ღஜ♥️
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Re: Cecillia Leigh Collins

Post  Cecillia Collins Smith on 2nd April 2010, 00:40

~Remembering a fantastic thing while it lasted ♥~

♥️Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥️ღஜ♥️Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top♥️Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥️ღஜ♥️
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Re: Cecillia Leigh Collins

Post  Cecillia Collins Smith on 3rd April 2010, 18:46

The phrase “blind as a bat,” began to prove some validity after yet another bump in the road. Skyler, tired and annoyed from a long day of work, hit to injure / kill what he thought was merely a bat in his way; it was really Syerren on his way with an important message. Once Skyler found out what he had done and presented the issue to Vladimir, Amy, and myself, there was much outrage. Vladimir nearly had at Skyler, but decided to give him a task instead: aiding Syerren until his recovery . . . and for Skyler’s sake, Syerren had to recover.

It was quite an eventful few days as Syerren remained more isolated to everything. The job was interfering in Skyler and Carolyn’s fun nights, but it was nice of him to sacrifice such in order to help Syerren . . . it was his responsibility anyway. At long last, Syerren’s vision returned and Skyler agreed to never toss any object at a bat again. To celebrate, the men went out for a drink at the Blue Whale . . . which is where the next challenge developed.

Through whatever witchery was involved, Vladimir and Willie switched bodies, and Syerren and Skyler switched bodies. One can imagine the looks on all of their faces, more so the look on Amy or my face when realizing what happened. Vladimir and Syerren got to live a whole day like a mortal, whilst Willie and Skyler were forced to live like the ones they have both served. Everyone ended up enjoying themselves some way, whether it was races around the sky or living life in the daylight. Of course, Syerren had to spend an entire day with Carolyn and I, pretending to be Skyler . . . it probably wasn’t how he preferred to live it, but he was very good at convincing Carolyn.

Skyler was barely able to keep the switch a secret, nearly breaking a fight with Syerren in front of Carolyn and I. I know that he was ever so excited to be back in his own body again; I’m sure it wasn’t pleasant having to watch another man be friendly to his girl, all because the switch wasn’t something which Carolyn needed to know about.

A slight change in weather brought in two new faces: college friends Marian and Lindsey. They arrived in Collinsport to settle in for a bit, taking a break from Bangor University. Marian, interested in the arts, and Lindsey, a nurse to be, both showed friendly faces and through unfortunate events, where shown the way into Collinwood and the Old House. Marian was in town drawing when she unknowingly witnessed a murder. The murderer tried to kill her too, but missed and only succeeded in scaring her. Sheriff Patterson’s suggestion was for the two girls to move into Collinwood for a couple nights until the killer was caught; he thought they would be safer this way.

The killer was smarter than that sadly. Marian, out on a stroll at night, was caught by the killer and nearly drug off murdered had I not witnessed it. Running and convincing Vladimir to help, he and Lindsey fled toward the scene and managed to knock the killer off of Marian just in time. It definitely wasn’t what the two girls bargained for, but introduced them pretty well to everyone.

A real change of weather occurred when low 90 degree heat swept into Collinsport. The only way to escape it was a night out on Skyler’s boat with Carolyn, Vladimir, Amy, Syerren, and the captain himself, Skyler. The night turned into a swim in the sea and then a relaxing gaze at the stars. It was completely unexpected and that is what made it something to remember.

The next day, however, wasn’t so happy, as the heat finally hit close to home. The heat ended up getting to Amy, causing her to act in a scary manner towards anyone or anything that stood in her way. It took Vladimir to finally calm down the heat sickness which bestowed her, causing the drawing room to become a ruckus.

Syerren’s birthday arrived on November 3rd, and although he wasn’t so thrilled at first, he ended up being very happy in the end. There was no party held, but instead, after a starlit talk on top of an old barn, I realized that going back to his home country would be much more rewarding for him. After Syerren unwrapped gifts from the three of us: a pocket watch from Vladimir, a compass from Amy, and a memory box from me, we all three headed to England for a night of memories for the boys. Syerren enjoyed his birthday which was a plus, and it made for a very enjoyable night out in a new country.

The heat wave was followed by a harsh storm over the sea. Skyler and Joe were stuck out in it, causing much worry from everyone, especially Maggie and Carolyn. Roger worked as hard as he could to get someone out there to retrieve the boat, which had broken down, but it took my suggestion in order to get a plan in action. I had remembered Vladimir mentioning being in the navy in his mortal days, and figured that that was plenty qualification for retrieving two ship wrecked men and their boat. After passing the idea off to Roger who then confronted Vladimir, the plan was set and out went Vladimir and a small crew, bringing back Joe, Skyler, and the fishing boat safely back to harbor.

A couple of weeks of nothing out of the ordinary went by before the next event. Meeting the two friends in the diner, Lindsey and Marian proceeded in wrecking my mood and day by bringing up the talk of college. All the feelings I had before when Elizabeth mentioned it, I had once again. However, after putting much thought on it, I went to Vladimir for advice, and came out with more than I had bargained for.

Syerren had overheard the entire private chat Vladimir and I had, and as we both embarked on a walk in the woods, he handed back Quentin’s ring; the ring which had declared formal feelings. Broken hearted, we both departed, and thinking I would get a night alone to sulk in my feelings, Syerren as well as Vladimir appeared in order to try to patch things up. It was a comfort to see him one last time, and handing back the necklace he had given me and hugging him goodbye, he departed, and my decision was made.

The next day my spirits were lifted as I spoke with Amy, and then meeting Lindsey and Marian on a walk to town, I told them of the news: come spring semester I will join them at Bangor University; a decision that arose after much heartache. As mixed expressions were passed, I felt good about my decision, and glad that even though my great grandfather’s ring rested on my finger, taped for sizing, that I would still have Amy, Vladimir and Syerren there to make the transition a happy one.

The campus is amazing at Bangor University. We all four headed that way the other night, by car, not by powers; I asked Syerren and Vladimir to please do it all as a mortal would, and it was fun to watch . . . even that hour it took to fix a flat was such fun . . . it was one of those moments which one would probably never see again. And the night in general was one to remember; I wouldn’t trade my first visit to Bangor University for anything.

~Cecillia Collins~

♥️Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥️ღஜ♥️Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top♥️Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥️ღஜ♥️
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Re: Cecillia Leigh Collins

Post  Cecillia Collins Smith on 3rd May 2010, 12:34

Christmas is always a wonderful time of the year, and since everyone at Collinwood went out of town for the holiday, but I didn’t want to, I decided to stay behind with Amy, Vladimir and Syerren. It snowed, which was nice, and whilst Amy and I decided our plans for the night, we enjoyed a little fun out in the snow . . . who would have thought that she would have agreed to such! We also exchanged gifts of our own, and then pondered what to get the boys.

Amy wanted something special for Vladimir and Syerren, so she came up with the idea of having Willie set off fireworks. As he went to gather those, evening started to set and before long it was dark outside. Vladimir and Syerren made their way upstairs with gifts they had for Amy and I. Getting Amy a pair of earrings and me, more “for when I’m away” gifts: a magical whistle and a cloak like theirs. After such, the boys were blindfolded and the four of us made our way out into the cold snow where Willie was waiting to set off the fireworks.

The night was overall enjoyed as both Vladimir and Syerren as well as Amy and I loved the fireworks and it was definitely more fun than going out of town for the holidays, making Christmas 1969 one to remember forever.

The happiness was short-lived after Christmas. A few weeks later I received the devastating news that my friend for so long, Sarah was killed in a car wreck on her way to pick up me. The news was difficult to accept, but with the love of family and the unexpected gift of a photo album which was rescued and delivered by Ryan, made all the difference. After much mourning for her loss, and nearly giving up Amy, Vladimir and Syerren secret at the funeral, her body was finally lay to rest in peace.

The memories continued to linger and the sadness still haunts me to this day, but as events always go, worse was to come. Lending her wedding ring to Willie for him to go and get polished, Amy unknowingly would have tragedy of her own. Willie managed to not keep track of the ring very well, and whilst having drinks with Skyler, some thief pocketed the ring. Skyler attempted to get it back so that Amy or Vladimir wouldn’t know of this catastrophe, but he didn’t stand much of a chance and in the end Willie had to bring the news to Vladimir and Amy.

Amy, left crying and devastated, and Vladimir, furious at everyone, made for a night of multiple events. Getting the facts from Skyler, Vladimir and Skyler set out to find the thief, and ended up finding that there were a whole group of them hiding out in the woods. After a very quick struggle, the ring was taken back and presented back to its rightful owner.

By this point, it was time for me to head to Bangor University, but in hopes to give me one last thing to remember, the four of us headed back in time to the year 1923. The brief trip in time was quite different and rushed. The Old House was, at that point, a wreck, but it still held on to its reputation of having a few skeletons in the closet. It was the unexpected visit of Quentin that left us with the vital key to our trip back to our own time.

The next day Amy and I went to the fair whilst Vladimir and Syerren lived out their daytime slumber. As we rode on the Ferris Wheel, the jewelry box, which was the next key to our arrival back home, was spotted. Rushing to the game table, which was a ring toss, both Amy and I attempted to win the box, but it was a long time enemy and friend, Mildred Attenburgh, who won it. Disappointed by losing it, we thought of what could be done.

Arriving at the Old House, we were led by familiar music of the past, through a secret tunnel all the way to the west wing of Collinwood. There we used the key which was given to us by Quentin to open the door to a room, and inside, we found a stunning look-a-like to the exact box we were seeking. Although the look-a-like had no powers of its own, it did give us hope of a new plan . . . a plan to switch it with the one which Mildred possessed.

Having to wait for nighttime before being able to carry through with the plan, Amy and I then set out to distract Mildred, whilst Syerren and Vladimir quietly made their way into Mildred’s cottage and made the switch. Before she had time to suspect anything, we all four fled the scene and having on last look around, vanished back to our own time, 1970.

The next day Amy and I arrived at Bangor University and she helped me unpack and arrange things to my liking. My roommate, Isabella, showed up halfway through, sharing with the two of us her pleasures in life: the supernatural . . . or more specifically, the living dead. After leaving me with her, Isabella and I had a conversation about one of her favorites, vampires, which was all too convenient, for Syerren was on his way.

What the two of us thought was a brief and private goodbye and good luck outside of the dorms, ended up being a scene which Isabella later questioned, getting herself close to being in danger. Had I not woken up right as Syerren came to have his way with Isabella, she surely would have lost her life tragically.

New schools mean new teachers, but ones which so very remarkably resemble loved ones is uncalled for. A new arrival, David Burns, was on his way to Bangor University to be the new history teacher, when he stopped in the Blue Whale in Collinsport. Carolyn happened to be waiting on Skyler to arrive, and thinking that David was actually Dylan, she tried to make conversation with him. He, confused, accidentally knocked over her drink, and in attempts to help her clean it up, was caught in the wrong place at the right time, as Skyler arrived seeing the two together. Thinking it was Syerren, Skyler made a scene, but before he could confront David, David fled.

Skyler wasn’t ready to give up so easily though, as he stormed to the Old House and gave Syerren a piece of his mind. Skyler was proven wrong however, but Syerren and Vladimir both learned useful information: that there was a look-a-like out there.

I soon had my own run-in with David, and just as Skyler and Carolyn, I too was caught off guard. Not long after a story in the newspaper further surprised me, as it had a picture of David on the cover, blaming him for embezzlement. Knowing Syerren should know, I called upon him, but as he arrived, the police caught him, thinking he was David.

Syerren was taken to jail and I was left with only one other option: to get Vladimir involved. Vladimir dealt with David as I provided time and company to Syerren. At last, Vladimir managed to convince David to own up to his own charge and we all departed from the jail cell, leaving David with the one piece of evidence which would later get him out of jail, charge free.

Arriving back from a trip to Canada, Skyler brought back more than he had went for. Falling sick from some sickness he caught over the trip, he managed to pass it on to both Carolyn and Amy, both falling as deathly ill as he. The doctor didn’t know what to make of it, nor did anyone else, except for Vladimir. Vladimir knew just the tonic, and with much fortune, managed to heal Skyler, which in turn healed both Carolyn and Amy before any real damage was done. This was yet one more time that Skyler was at Vladimir’s mercy for help . . . a never ending process which was soon to occur again.

February rolled in, and it was time for my 18th birthday. Carolyn came to pick me up from College and bring me home for the weekend for my birthday. Along the way we were detoured on a side road and the car mysteriously ran out of gas, stranding us. Hoping to find a phone before nightfall, we were found down on our luck and trapped inside of a house which would haunt us for the next few hours until the boys came to our rescue.

Skyler, alerting Vladimir and Syerren to the situation, all came looking for us, finding pieces of evidence to our whereabouts along the way. Ending up at the same house Carolyn and I were in, the three had to get through their own obstacles before finally getting to the basement, where we had both spent much time in, in panic. Clearing our escape, Vladimir and Syerren left Skyler at the scene, making him look like the one who saved the day; a very generous thing for the two brothers to do.

After making it back home and having a wonderful birthday, I then was presented with my present: a new car. Ecstatic, I told Amy, Vladimir and Syerren the wonderful news, and received the generous gifts they had gotten for me. It was a first time for something else also: the first time Syerren had ever driven. I felt mighty honored having him drive me back to college that night, even if he did get picked on about it from Vladimir.

I went to college expecting to never be around anyone from my past, but it turned out to be just the opposite. After Sarah’s death, Ryan also wanted to get away from it all and ended up attending Bangor University the same semester as I. We instantly connected and though I didn’t think it wise, I ended up going out to dinner with him. Little to my knowledge, Isabella had gotten her hands on my whistle, and for some reason blew it, managing to call Syerren, who thought that I was calling him.

Syerren came and, instead of finding me in trouble as he thought, found me with Ryan, upsetting him. As we discussed this later in the night, Ryan saw us speaking and got the impression that I was lying about not seeing anyone else. After assuring Syerren I would watch myself, the next day I get hassled by Ryan about all of it, which gets broken up by David. Ryan finally apologizes and we go about the relationship we have created up to the point of my transferring out of Bangor University.

Back at Collinwood while all of this was taking place, a new arrival, Bradley Howell comes per request of a new handyman. Given the job to redo the sections of the house which needed some repairing, he quickly acquaints himself with everything a little too well. Being guided to the Old House, he, a clairvoyant, quickly realizes that something isn’t quite right at the Old House. Suspecting the supernatural, his suspicions are soon verified as he catches Vladimir in the act of replenishing his needs. Getting temporarily let off the hook, Bradley becomes the second mortal outside of Skyler, Willie, and I who know about Vladimir, Syerren, and Amy.

February brought love, and it also brought together one couple more closely. After gaining permission from Carolyn’s mother, Skyler proposed to Carolyn at the Blue Whale. It was something they had waited a year and three months to do, and both were too proud for words after the fact.

Late February also brought more surprises, as I decided to transfer out of Bangor University to Washington College; a much smaller school close to home. It was Professor Burns who suggested it, as he too was transferring and thought that the change would do me, and my grades, some good. Although it came as a big shock to everyone at home, I know that they were excited to see me home once again, and I was happy as ever to be home again . . . home at the Old House.

Not long after I arrived, a bigger surprise was unraveled as Amy announced that her recent sickness was due to not a virus, but because she was pregnant. Scared for the baby and what it would think later in life, she was soon put in a better mood after Vladimir, a happy father, learned of the news.

News never stays good very long though, as a couple weeks later Skyler has time to spare and decides to help out at the Old House, in order to look better to Carolyn really. Attempting to do work on the chandelier in the drawing room, he falls from the ladder, breaking his arm. The injury wasn’t that serious, but was enough to keep him out of work longer than planned, meaning no money.

This didn’t sit well with Skyler, as he had plans to go ahead and put a down payment on a house by the sea which Carolyn had her eye on. Getting the idea to sue Vladimir and Amy for the money, he carries through with the plan, advising Amy not to tell this to anyone, especially Carolyn. Amy does, however, and Carolyn secretly gives Amy the entire amount which Skyler was planning to sue over, saying she offered to give it directly to Skyler, but he wouldn’t take her money.

After a few choice words from both Vladimir and Skyler, Skyler gets the money, and putting it with the rest of his money he had worked for, he proceeds to purchase the house for Carolyn, with plans of his own of what to do with it.

♥️Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥️ღஜ♥️Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top♥️Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥️ღஜ♥️
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Post  Cecillia Collins Smith on 17th November 2010, 12:22

1. Real name → Cecillia Leigh White
2. Nickname(s)→ Cill, Cilly Cill (TY Amy)
3. Zodiac sign → Aquarius
4. Male or female → Female
5. Elementary → Sanville
6. Middle School → Bassett Middle
7. High School → Bassett High
8. Hair color → Brown
9. Long or short → Shoulders
10. Loud or Quiet → Depends
11. Sweats or Jeans → Depends
12. Phone or Camera → Camera phone Wink
13. Health freak → Again.. depends
14. Drink or Smoke? → Me? Never.....
15. Do you have a crush on someone → Celebs count?
16. Eat or Drink → I am always drinking
17. Piercings → 2 in each ear
18. Tattoos → None


19. Been in an airplane→ no
20. Been in a relationship → define relationship damn it
21. Been in a car accident → 3 school bus accidents
22. Been in a fist fight → no


23. First piercing → Ears
24. First best friend → April Cooper... twas her "younger sister" in Elementary School...then she moved up to Middle school Sad
25. First award → Perfect Attendance... see where that got me.
26. First crush → Travis . . . Laughing
27. First job → Hooker Field (Minor League Baseball Field) - Cashier
28. First big vacation → Ummm.... Tweetsie Railroad


29. Last person you talked to → My 'pot head' friend Rolling Eyes
30. Last person you texted → My damn mother
31. Last person you watched a movie with → Me, myself, and I
32. Last food you ate → Chips
33. Last movie you watched → Psycho IV
34. Last song you listened to → Uhmmm... fuck if I remember
35. Last thing you bought→ Food, pills, and my dot's bestest buddy. Wink
36. Last person you hugged → Saving my hugs for Amy....but to be honest.... That guy in my A&P class


37. Food → I don't know any more
38. Drinks → Diet Coke and Sweet Tea
39. Clothing→ Relaxed
40. Books → Varies
41. Music → Rock, Pop, and a mix of other stuff
42. Flower → Don't have a "fav"
43. Colors → Black and pink
44. Movies→ Where do I start
45. TV Show→ What's TV? Wink
46. Subjects → Science / Math

IN 2010..... _______

47. [] kissed in the snow
48. [x] celebrated Halloween
49. [x] had your heart broken
50. [x] went over the minutes/texts on your cell phone
51. [] someone questioned your orientation
52. [] came out of the closet
53. [] gotten pregnant
54. [] had an abortion
55. [x] done something you've regretted
56. [x] broke a promise
57. [x] hid a secret
58. [x] pretended to be happy
59. [x] met someone who changed your life [I LOVE YOU AMY!!! UR THE BESTEST BUDDY EVERR!]
60. [] pretended to be sick
61. [] left the country
62. [x] tried something you normally wouldn't try and liked it
63. [x] cried over the silliest thing [practically every damn day]
64. [x] ran/walked a mile
65. [] went to the beach with your best friend(s)
66. [x] stayed single the whole year [IRL..Yes... Otherwise...HA]


67. Eating → Nothing
68. Drinking → Nothing
69. I'm about to → Kill 2 people who have been in my room for 2 hrs.
70. Listening to → My RM and her annoying friend.
71. Plans for today→ Commit murder... I mean write..
72. Waiting for → These bitches to leave.


73. Want kids? → Yes... 2
74. Want to get married? → YES!
75. Careers in mind? → Nursey-poo Wink


76. Lips or eyes → Eyes
77. Shorter or taller?→ Taller
78. Romantic or spontaneous → Spontaneously Romantic Wink
79. Nice stomach or nice arms → Strong Arms and Nice Abs
80. Sensitive or loud → Sensitive
81. Preppy or Skater → Neither
82. Trouble-maker or hesitant → Hesitant


83. Lost glasses/contacts → Yes, for a little while.
84. Ran away from home→ No
85. Hold a gun/knife for self defense → No
86. Killed somebody → No
87. Broken someone's heart → Hmm... Yes, I do think I have.
88. Been arrested → No
89. Cried when someone died → Yes


90. Yourself → I try
91. Miracles → Yes
92. Love at first sight → Lust -Yes, Love -Not so Much
93. Heaven → Yes
94. Santa Claus → No
95. Sex on the first date → No
96. Kiss on the first date → Depends


97. Is there one person you want to be with right now? → Yes, Yes, YES
98. Are you seriously happy with where you are in life? → Yes and No
99. Do you believe in God? → Yes

♥️Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥️ღஜ♥️Every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top♥️Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄Ʒ ♥️ღஜ♥️
Cecillia Collins Smith
Makeup Crew
Makeup Crew

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Re: Cecillia Leigh Collins

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