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Stephanie Elizabeth Haskell

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Cecillia Leigh Collins

Full Name: Stephanie Elizabeth Haskell
Nickname: Steph
Custom Title: The Little Sister
Age: 18
Gender: Female
Social Status: Mortal
Occupation: Student
Relationship Status: Wandering Eyes

Portrayed By: Emma Bell
Appearance: Stephanie is a medium height, blond haired, blue eyed female who favors her mother, Carolyn, quite a lot. She cares a lot for her appearance, thus is always dressed her very best, a trait she learned from her mother. She is most often found in either jeans or a skirt, along with cute shirts and accessories.
Height: 5'6"

Birthplace: Collinsport, Maine
Date of Birth: November 17, 1971
Family: Skyler & Carolyn Haskell (Parents), Zachary & Nora Haskell (Grandparents), and Stephan Haskell (Older Brother).
History: Stephanie was the second born child of Skyler and Carolyn Haskell. She was raised in a household full of loving and hardworking individuals who provided for Stephanie and her brother everything which they needed for successful development - physically, emotionally, and mentally. Although she was a daddy's girl from time to time, Stephanie clung to her mother and grandmother slightly more, where she picked up on her girlish ways. Although the younger child, she never felt as though she was more spoiled as her brother, and, in fact, grew very close to him. Although Steph occasionally lets friends talk her into poking fun at her brother because of his chosen occupation and lifestyle, deep down, Stephan means the world to her, and she would never change him.

Personality: Extremely girly at times. However, Stephanie isn't all glam, as she did pick up on her father's mouth in times of stress or argument. Overall, though, she is a polite and nice person to be around.
Likes: Shopping for clothes, hanging around the malls in town with friends, and secretly hanging out with her brother at sunset, when she goes along with him to bring in the evening catch.
Dislikes: Those who, after so many years, still hold grudges at the Collins family. She is, after all, half Collins . . . and no one will ever let her forget it.
Overall Flaws: Spends money, but doesn't work for it.
Ideal Weapon: Her brother or perhaps her father . . . any of the Haskell men really.

RPG Sample:

"So maybe I'm kinda, slightly, a girly girl ♥️"
Stephanie Haskell
Arrived By Train
Arrived By Train

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