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Simon Smith

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Simon Trevor Smith

October 12, 1762 in London, England
Date of Immortality: July 6, 1784
Age: 248

Social Status: Warlock
Occupation: Mortal Duties in the past, currently though buys portions of companies, merely or the appearance of a “business man”.

Relationship status: Married to Cecillia Collins Smith
Children: Trevor Lyosen Smith & Dylan Smith

Appearance: Tall, muscular built man with brown hair and eyes, and smooth glowing skin. His hair style varies with each time period, fitting in with whatever the current “style” is while remaining practical.
Height: 6’2.5
Clothing: His clothing style always fits the appearance he is trying to pull off, as well as the time period he is in. His normal day attire though is a simple button up shirt, nice slacks, and a brown cloak in the warmer months.

Family: Jamison & Abigale (parents) and Emily (younger sister). Currently married with wife and two children.

Born the son of a hardworking blacksmith, Simon found his early beginnings in the blacksmith hut with his father, learning the trade he would one day take on himself. Upon reaching his teenage years, Simon had mastered the trade enough that his father retired from the job, handing the entire business over to Simon. Loving what he did, Simon still wasn’t completely satisfied with his place in life, and began to question if there wasn’t something more out there or him. While still respecting his family’s name, Simon spent his free time dipping into England’s growing culture. It wasn’t until he found eyes for a woman that Simon realized just how far his search for something more had taken him. She was a beautiful woman, though, and Simon quickly fell deeply in love with her, and she him. Being only 22 at the time, Simon realized there was so much more opportunity in his life, and perhaps marriage at this stage wasn’t the best thing for him. His wife to be, however, took the news as a sign that Simon was unfaithful to his word, and, in turn, sentenced him to the same form of shame and embarrassment he had brought to her. It was then, that the Simon Smith, whom would forever roam the Earth, was born. Not able to tell of his misfortune to anyone, nor hardly able to comprehend it himself, Simon kept his fate secret, going back to the only thing he knew how to do . . . being a blacksmith. Over the years, Simon’s life was filled with happy and sad moments. Heartache was just as common as a simple smile, yet this never struck him down, for the friends he met along the way made it all worth it, be in the young brothers he befriended while he was Simon the blacksmith, or the elegant lady he rendezvoused with in the mid 19th century. It was each and every one of these souls who made his own immortality bearable and worthwhile, for carrying on the eternal deed o waking up to another day of worthless black magic was the last thing he could have ever dreamed of doing.

Personality: Simon is very caring and considerate for others. He is forgiving and understanding and a worthwhile friend. He does, however, stumble over women, on the fault of his early encounter with the one who damned him.

"When I look into your eyes, It's like watching the night sky, Or a beautiful sunrise. . . I won't give up on us.  Even if the skies get rough, I'm giving you all my love. I'm still looking up. . ."

Simon Smith
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